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  1. Heres an interesting one I have an avccount with LLoyds which I don't use much. I arranged for a DD to go out of it and went on holiday forgetting to drop in the £40 to cover the DD. I was charged. The bank continued to add charges for sending me a letter telling me I was £40 overdrawn, it has now reached £104.00. The interesting thing is they are threatening to take action against me to recover the £104. Will they take me to court - maybe this is a way of getting them in there???
  2. Thanks Welshcakes Just finished correcting the forms will drop them in tomorrow to the court. Just under the 5K plus costs.
  3. ok so I have been starting new threads all over sorry. Haven't got a court date, very close though, I spoke to the Court and they are about 7 days behind at the moment. Although they did say the next stage will be a letter from the judge asking that both parties try to resolve the situation before it gets to court. I have sent in an N1 & N244 forms as I hadn't claimed the interest. Now have!!! When should I talk to the litigation department?
  4. I had already applied to the court with an estimated amount as the bank hadn't sent the details through. Interestingly the Bnaks defence came back from the courts and mentioned I had not given them the details of the claim ie the schedule of charges. So I have now done these with the correct info filled in the relevant forms (N1 & N24) and am ready to send in for stamping etc. but my claim has gone up and with the interest over the 5000 as I mentioned and of course to do this amendment will cost £65 (non refundable). So do I continue and wait for them to say its now £250 ins
  5. I am about to ammend my court docs to include interest. My question is my charges total £4335.00 using your interest calculater (The 8% one) for each item claimed it takes the amount over £5000.00 to approx £5216.45 (plus the court fees) Does my claim now become over the small claims threshold of £5000 or is it still 4300 plus interest plus court costs?
  6. I had a letter the other day saying my business account would be debited with £287.00 of charges. Some for cash withdrawles, paying in and outs etc, but the most was for 8 x £30 (£240) for the usual charges. They went out of my account this morning. I emailed my business manager saying that approx £300 in charges seemed a bit unfare and ask if they could be returned. Got back home from my office and there was an email saying that £300 had been returned to my account but in the future they probably wouldn't be. A bit surprised as the charges were only for £240 i only
  7. its getting late my spelling is soooooooooo bad
  8. Has anyone complied a list of CC's which have struck out the defence for court abuse???? What a boost this would be if you new your local CC was on the list. Lapwings
  9. Hi Trish76 found the N1 form - need help filling in Do i just fill in on screen and print out myself or do i need a master from the courts. Lapwings
  10. Hi again Trish76 whats an N1 - I can't make the link from your post, sorry. Lapwings
  11. great info thanks I assume I can post all to the court or should I wait until I have a court date at my local court? First applied for court action on line. Lapwings
  12. Can you give me some guidance to filling in this form please.
  13. Hi I have been going over the details of my claim to get a bit more familier with my case (expecting a court date soon) and I have a problem I think with not supplying a list of charges and dates etc with my first letter. Let me say in my defence I requested the statements which didn't arrive in the 40 days, i emailed them and wrote a letter (The no statements template) reminding them of their obligations and giving them a further 14 days and they still didn't arrive. I did find 1 years statements (charges applied in this year £995) so I estimated six years, as suggested came un
  14. Hi Trucker Yes i did quote the county courts act at 8%, I basically copied and pasted from the library the details I needed and altered the personal info, so i think I am ok. Many thanks Lapwings
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