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  1. I began the claim in january, went to court in April at Northampton. The case was transferred to Chorley and now along with many others to Preston. Have you any idea what is happening? The bank have decided not to renew my overdraft facility in August in a different account. Are they allowed to do this? Can anyone advise Jimbib1
  2. I began the claim in January of this year. The bank is Abbey. The court docs were issued on 4th April. The case was to be heard in Northampton, then it was transferred to Chorley, now the court tell me that it is being transferred to Preston, along with several others on a date to be confirmed. Abbey have also said that they will not continue my overdraft after August 1st. The charges being reclaimed are from a different account. Can they do this, legally? Are you able to give me any answers? Jimbib1
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