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  1. carry on and you will win. my claim against halifax visa was settled today, only one week after filing with MCOL.
  2. after the halifax acknowledged the claim on MCOL a couple of days ago, today they have credited my account. in my LBA i requested that they pay me the charges in cheque form, as the amount of my claim exceeded the balance on the (closed) account. just speaking to them now, they say they will send the (comparatively smaller) excess amount in a cheque, but the bulk will just go to settle the balance and effectively end the account. this is victory, i know, but not on my terms. should i hold out with the MCOL claim or just accept what they have done?
  3. will the forthcoming case involving OFT and the banks affect claims against credit card charges? yesterday i had my claim acknowledged on MCOL by halifax cc. will this claim now be suspended? from the way i read it the case relates to overdraft charges on current accounts ?
  4. no, sorry if i've not made it clear sea-sidelady. i only filed today and i included in my claim the last three charges that halifax have applied since i sent the LBA. the schedule of charges i sent with my LBA does not include these three charges, but the schedule i send to the court will include them.
  5. i am waiting for the claim to be issued online with mcol. i added three charges, which they applied since my LBA was sent to them, to the total of the claim. i will amend my Particulars of Claim to reflect this and send to the court. by the way, i sent my template letters to trinity rd. i haven't heard anything at all from them. should i have sent them to the pitreavie address in scotland?
  6. ok, thanks for the advice. will let you know of outcome.
  7. am due to file with mcol tomorrow for claim against £25 and £12 overlimit and late fees, totalling over £1000 since my schedule of charges was sent with preliminary and LBA letters Halifax CC have applied another late fee and overlimit fee. shall i include these on the schedules (with statutory interest) that i send to the court and bank?
  8. thanks indeed, either outcome would be a bonus. i have written my LBA and am about to send it tomorrow. should i amend it or send it and request a cheque by telephoning them? they haven't given me any sort of response at all yet.
  9. after winning against halifax bank i'm now trying to reclaim charges against my halifax credit card account. here's the situation... the account was closed (by me) about a year ago. i am over the agreed £750 limit by about £350. i am claiming back over £1000 in overlimit and late fees. my question is this - can i request that they pay back the charges into my halifax current account or are they just likely to put it back into the credit card account, and effectively write the debt off?
  10. went via mcol for my claim after sticking to all templates and timings, etc. got a (derisory) partial offer deposited in my account the day i filed. sent refusal letter and went ahead......the initial 14 days was up on monday and they acknowledged right at the last minute...........so i thought i'd have to go the distance, maybe even court........ .......until today when they deposited the remainder of the claim, plus statutory interest, plus court fee into my account, silently, but down to the last penny. yes indeedy. i hope anyone reading this in a similar situation can take hope and strength from it. thanks for all the help and advice.......power to the people. p.s. claim was almost £1800
  11. i know it must be on here somewhere but i can't find it what is the address for halifax credit cards where i send my first and second letters requesting repayment of charges? anyone help please?
  12. am about to start reclaiming overlimit fees and late fees on my halifax credit card the earlier fees were charged at £25 and the later ones at the reduced amount of £12 should i claim for both amounts (plus statutory interest)?
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