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  1. Capital Con just let us know what happens in the end? As long as you pay the LO off in full if its the correct amount you owe, the EA can do nothing. The EA would only get around £90 out of the £235 if paid so they won't keep knocking.
  2. Nothing, unless your car is outside or other valuable things! They won't keep calling!
  3. The EA won't keep attending, they will move on to more profitable customers.
  4. Council's won't be able to stop direct payments online, even if they did you just wait until the debt is returned to the LA. Save up the money in an ISA until then.
  5. Again, even an EA is not that stupid, just to seize any vehicle with no checks is suicidal to their certificate.
  6. They don't have to prove anything, and of course you don't have to have any dealings with the EA.
  7. Didn't think you would be long BA, Plenty of evidence that the debt can be repaid to the LA without fees, so I will disagree with you. Your known now to be very deeply involved with the EA industry so much now your not independent anymore. I have only posted under this user name.
  8. Don't think so, the law says 70mph is the speed limit on a motor way, nobody ever breaks it do they?
  9. I don't want you injuring CC's wallet especially if the £235 is in dispute..
  10. What I'm stating is what happens day to day, lets agree to disagree and see what happens with CC
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