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  1. hooray all £3745.75 now in bank thanks again for all the help and support LYNN XXXXX
  2. Thanks Everyone But I Havent Got The Money In My Account Yet I Will Celebrate Only Then But Thanks Again To All Of You I Was Very Meek And Mild When I First Started This But Because Of Your Help Anyone Can Do This I Will Always Be Eternally Grateful Lynnxxx
  3. Sorry Sheppie D I Have Just Re Read Your Entry I Think You Can Add New Charges As You Have Not Yet Started Your Court Proceedings But You Should Send An Up To Date Spredsheet To Lloyds Again And As Long As Its Within The Six Year Deadline But Get A Moderator To Check This . I Just Handed N1 Into Court Did Not File Online My Court Was Really Helpful. Good Luck Lynn
  4. Hi Sheppie D Did You Receive This Letter Prior To You Commencing Court Action Lynn
  5. There Are Lots Of Conditions To This Settlement And Is Probably A Standard Letter As Usual Do I Agree To The Conditions Or Can I Not Agree To The Conditions And Still Hope To Receive The Money. Thanks Lynn
  6. hi just wanted to let people know started court proceedings Lloyds acknowledged on the 18 july and stated they would defend. Today had a letter from Lloyds solicitors stating that they are no way liable but as a good will gesture they will pay us the full amount of £3745.75 including interest and court fees as long as I reply and agree in ten days time. However I am not going to stop court proceedings untill I HAVE THE MONEY. I THINK THIS IS VERY NEARLY A SUCCESS.
  7. Yes thats what I originally thought semms to be more space to put your claim across than online just checking I am doing it the right way. Hope to get it done by end of the week. Do you know if you give the fee to your local court there and then. Lynn
  8. By The Way I Just Nipped Over To Your Thread And Left You A Message There. I Still Cant Get The Hang Of These Threads Yet New To The Site. Lynn
  9. HI SHEPPIE D. My two week deadline is also up today ang going to start court action. Are you going down the N1 form route or doing it online. Lynn.
  10. hi sheppie D WE sent our LBA on 6th June it is now the 20th so 14 days has also passed for us. We are not going to write to them again they havent met our deadline so its time for me to put my money where my mouth is. I am going to use the N1 form found on cag, fill it out , print it off and take it down to my local court along with my schedule of charges but I still need to finish my spreadsheet for the 8% interest so I hope to get it to the court by the end of the week. I wouldnt bother to contact Lloyds again you need to show them you me action. By the way if any of what I am saying is wron
  11. THANKS MISSMARCY SEEMS TO BE BETTER TO DO IT THAT WAY THAN ON LINE. Lloyds have got 4 days left to write back to me before my deadline, so heregoes, thanks for the advice LYNN
  12. sorry missmarcy I do look stupid now I have just realised what CAG is daaa!
  13. hi missmarcy thanks for that. Did you do the claim on line or use the N1 FORM. Sorry this may sound stupid but what is CAG. Also did you win your case prior to a court date. Thanks Lynn.
  14. Thanks jshtr3 for replying I will take a look at those pages and try and get an early night tonight! Lynn.
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