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  1. Hi all. been looking about for a while before registering and havent seen anybody mention they do this so hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction. Got my statements and added up over £2200 in charges , sent my first letter away and recieved the normal "our charges are fair and competitive" reply. I mean FAIR AND COMPETITIVE... lol have you ever heard as much rubbish. Sent my second letter away and recieved another letter saying they were looking into it. Today i came home to another letter offering me £750 because they were only offering to refund me the difference between what the OFT calls a fair charge (£12) and what they actually charge. Im in scotland and have read up on claims and kinda think that trying to claim over £2k is a lot of hassle with the scottish laws. Has anybody tried phoning the A&L to negotiate the ammount they offer? I know that this is possible with the halifax because 2 people from my work have done it. If they were to offer me even half my money i would take it. Any input would be much appreciated
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