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  1. hi from my dealing with forthright,i would suggest you cover the following 1. send complaint to BOS they will say they never sold it and you should pursue the car sales firm. 2. Send complaint to car dealer ask for their full and final response at same time as BOS complaint to speed alone the process. 3 Pursue the underwriters through the FOS forthright always seemed to use St Andrews insurance. good luck
  2. Had another letter from BOS but they are sticking with they didn't sell the policy,i have approached the FOS and they suggested i pursue the underwriters of the PPI (st Andrews Insurance in this case) FOS have suggested to me that the case is a 50/50 due to time but i have put the claim with them. so i don't expect to here anything positive.
  3. how would you suggest i approach them they have already said they will not investigate my claim, and the FOS said they cannot help with unregulated agreements.
  4. I am trying to pursue a claim for my PPI payments on a HP agreement taken out in 2004 and have found out that due to the age of the agreement the company who sold me the car was not regulated by the FSA, is there any point pursuing the claim against an unregulated company. The PPI payment was one which was added to my loan as a one off payment totaling £925. It was missold on the following grounds. I was told my HP loan would not be successful if i did not take out PPI and GAP Insurance as i was a high Risk Customer (bad credit rating). I was not told the insura
  5. BOS are just ignoring my letters advice as to what to do next ...please
  6. how best do you think i should approach this ,as they just ignoring my letter
  7. Hi Yes i sent them the letter as above but they just seemed to ignore it .I phoned their complaints department and they informed me as far as they are concerned they are not responsible and have closed the file, And their last letter informing me to take it up with the Car garage is their Full and final response
  8. Yes i think it is on the bottom corner it says this is a HP agreement regulated by the CCA1974 sign only if you want to be bound by it.
  9. Need some advice i think this is a lost cause. So to update on my PPI claim Forthright finance owned by BOS claim they did not sell the PPI it was the Car Garage who sold me the policy's so it was not their problem and i should submit my claim to DCF where i bought the car, Wrote to ACF whom now own the garage where direct car finance traded from and they say DCF went into receivership and they bought the name from the receivers " Price water-house and cooper" and are not responsible for the miss selling of the policy as they did not own the company at time of sale .What does anyon
  10. What do you think For the attention of………….. Thank you for your letter dated 23/5/2012 the content of which is noted. You have stated that you are not responsible for any concerns that I may have with mis-selling of the policy, however, may I draw your attention to Section 56 of the CCA below for ease of reference CCA section 56. — (1) In this Act “antecedent negotiations ” means any negotiations with the debtor or hirer— (a) conducted by the creditor or owner in relation to the making of any regulated agreement, or (b) conducted by a credit-broker in relation to goods
  11. Thanks DX i will draft a letter and post up before i send it,is it normal to be given the run around ? thanks
  12. Hi Dx100uk Thanks for help ,does this mean BOS are responsible for the ppi ,i had a response from Direct car in the form of a one sentence letter.(we are not the respondents in this case.) Should i just ask BOS to reconsider their decision as i feel they have note acted with due regard to section 56 of the CCA
  13. hi Finally had a response from BOS and not sure how to proceed as i think Direct Car no longer trade as i can't find them on an internet search. Any ideas greatly received
  14. Thanks ims 21 but it was that long ago i never kept the records i have sent of for a SAR so hopefully that will have all the info,can i give you a shout when/if it arrives mg_phil
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