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  1. Thanks for replying so quickly burp, so am I right in thinking that we can tell them to go away and they cannot enter our home without a court order. When I looked through the window I saw an ID badge that said civil enforcement officer is that the same as a bailliff. Sorry for the questions but I have never had to deal with anything like this before it was really embarrassing they had debt recovery services plastered all over their vehicle making sure all our neighbours could see! They obviously like to be noticed.
  2. Hi My hubby recently cashed a cheque for £100 at a cheque cashing shop, unfortunately the cheque bounced. He received a letter from the company stating he had 7 days to pay £120 back or they were instructing a certified bailliff to collect on their behalf and they were giving them their authority to pursue the debt. They stated that they would attend our home or my husbands workplace and that they will add their costs to the amount owed. Two bailliffs arrived this morning and demanded £413 stating £293 was infact their costs for pursuing the debt. They tried to get bank details so that they could set up a direct debit or standing order but my husband refused to give them the details. They then asked if my husband was refusing to pay the debt and he told them he would pay the original amount owed to the shop £120 but he was not prepared to pay their charges. They walked away saying they would be back later in a van and they were coming to take our belongings. My problem is that I didn't think bailliffs were allowed to just enter your home and remove goods unless there was some sort of court order, also my husband has never received a letter informing him which debt collection agency was going to enforce the debt. Please can anyone tell me how I should deal with them when they return later today or tomorrow. Thanks Speedy
  3. Thanks for that payingonlyencouragesthem I will definately use that letter when the need arises, I really appreciate your input. Thanks again. Speedy:-)
  4. Hi everyone Just updating, my hubby and I had another court hearing today and once again it went well. Black Horse didn't turn up again but sent a letter in their defence saying that they were unaware we hadn't received any documentation regarding the CCJ because they have never had any post returned!!!! They obviously forgot the letter they sent us stating in black and white that they had sent ALL documentation to our previous address in error. The DJ asked to see the letter and after reading it she said she was setting aside the CCJ and she was informing Black Horse that they have to provide a complete breakdown of the amount they say is owed as we do not agree with their figures. WHAT A RESULT......CCJ SET ASIDE. It will be completely removed from hubbys credit file in about 2 weeks. Speedy :grin:
  5. Hi MTM Haven't updated cos I'm back at work now and don't seem to get any spare time I am ready to file my claim and shall be doing so on Monday or Tuesday. Speedy
  6. I wonder if I'd get anything on eBay..... LOL
  7. Just updating, Received another copy of the exact same letter they sent before, this is in reply to my LBA. What a waste of paper and money!!!!!!!! Just sitting out the 14 days so that I can start court proceedings.
  8. Just bumping this, can anyone offer me any advice please.
  9. Hi Conradsfate Knowing what I do now from this site, I WOULD DEFINATELY CCA 1st credit, make them prove they have got a right to collect the alleged debt. Its disgusting the amount its gone up to. You need to find out exactly where these charges have come from and query them too. Bear in mind I am no expert, quite new to all this myself but I am sure if I am wrong someone will correct me. Theres usually someone around who can help. Good luck and keep us all posted. Any questions just shout out and someone will give you an answer. Speedy
  10. Hi, I'm back in need of some help. I have taken my hubbys papers back to the court with the fee to have the Judgement set aside. They informed me that we will have to attend the next hearing in about 2 weeks My question is can I request the Credit agreement and statements of the account as a matter of urgency due to the court date or will I have to do a S.A.R request and CCA with a pound and just wait the normal times. I'm not sure what I should be doing to prepare for the next hearing. Any advice really appreciated. Thanks Speedy
  11. Really pleased for you BB :grin: Stay strong and stand up for yourself, they are not the nicest people to deal with (definately an understatement) but don't put up with any c**p from them and they'll get the message eventually. Speedy
  12. Hi MTM Yeah, I totally agree with what you are saying, sometimes I am not good at saying what I exactly mean. Thats why your input is important cos you are always able to state things a lot more clearly. I'm gonna be more careful how I word things from now on By the way, how did you know that I am a nut!!! AND I am feeling a lot better now, thanks for asking!!!:grin: LOL Speedy
  13. Sorry, can't help you i'm afraid but just wanted to wish you luck. Have you tried sending a PM to MTM, hes very knowlegeable and always willing to help. Speedy
  14. Hi Disco_dolly Hope it goes well, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck Speedy
  15. Good luck to all of you Hopefully its gonna turn out to be the BEST holiday you've EVER had.:grin: Keep us all posted. Speedy:-)
  16. I've received 2 letters this morning. 1 from GPB the snotty solicitors saying they do not hold any data relating to this issue and they are instructed to take no further action cos the accounts closed. :grin: The 2nd from Thames Credit, all they have sent is a compliment slip saying they are unable to locate this matter anywhere on their system and asking for current and previous address, original agreement number and their reference number. They have sent back the copy of the letter that I sent to the solicitors!!! I find this really strange because in the solicitors letter from GPB they have stated that BCW are the debt recovery agents for Thames Credit and they also confirm that both they AND Thames Credit have closed the account. Whats going on, it doesn't make sense. Thanks Speedy
  17. Hi monopoly I think you and laiste have nailed em but loads of luck anyway. Speedy
  18. Hi Yes its the standard fob off letter, when the 14 days are up send them the LBA, I used the one out of the templates library. Good luck Speedy
  19. Hi monday blues Please don't stress and worry over this, BCW surfaced recently chasing my hubby for a VERY OLD debt. I got great advice on here and sent the statute barred letter, also had a run in with some solicitors they got on the case. Today I received confirmation that they cannot chase my hubby anymore cos the debt is statute barred :grin: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/96986-buchanan-clark-wells-urgent.html Check out my thread see if it helps and if you are certain the debt is that old, as I was, stick to your guns and they WILL go away. I am of the opinion now that they just try it on, hoping that we don't know our rights and the law, thanks to the great people on here we are learning to fight back. Good luck Speedy
  20. Hi Bonzo It all sounds a little strange!! Exactly when did you last acknowledge the alleged debt or make a payment. I ask this because BCW have recently surfaced chasing my hubby for a VERY OLD debt. I got sound advice on here and sent them a statute barred letter. Today I received a final correspondence from them confirming its statute barred. Read my thread it might help you. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/96986-buchanan-clark-wells-urgent.html Give the good people on here as much info about it as you can and I am sure someone will be able to help you. Good luck Speedy
  21. Just updating LBA sent off today, recorded delivery. Speedy
  22. Hi curlyben Sorry for being thick but how will I know and what do I do. Thanks Speedy
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