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  1. They called me today according to telepest.co.uk this is one of their numbers? 0113 3328798:roll:
  2. Thanks Ang, so that is letter to branch and to HO of Natwest. Sort of assuming that will be in the City of London. Yes hope we get it sorted too, never know what is going to happen next luv Dawnx
  3. Ok help, this is a comedy of errors! We were putting together a letter as you advised and then today my hubby goes to the bank and they have closed the other account, our joint account for no reason at all. He said it says 'misconduct' on the account however the guy my hubby spoke to said he cannot see how, or cannot see that because he has spoken to us a few times. For the other account there was no reason (according to the bank worker) and now for this the misconduct on the account is not explained and nobody seems to be able to tell us what kind of misconduct they are talking about. We have not used this account for a long time. However it is our only joint account and I would hardly call that misconduct? What on earth is going on here? Do we still write that letter or summarize the mess that is going on? You have been so kind so far, hope you can help me. Wonder if there are any set letters we can send as we both suffer depression and terrible brain fog so tackling this is particularly hard for us. kindest thanks Dawn
  4. I will bear that in mind, no idea actually how much it will have been, but those darn 0845 numbers eh? Everyone has them nowadays. I am gonna get one for incoming business calls
  5. Thanks so much for your help. I will do that and will let you know if we do indeed get any compo. luv Dawnx
  6. Ok here goes... Nothing.. nobody has a clue, no notes on it, no anything. We went through all that for no reason. Can you believe that nobody could have done anything? I cannot. Yes we were told it was a branch thing, the branch today (500 miles away it was set up before my hubby moved) said it was most likely the 'lending dept'? We have not got a loan? We don't understand but it feels violating to have someone on the end of a phone tell you you have £27 pounds in your 'other account' you could use because it has an overdraft facility. That was cutting it fine for a family of 4 3 adults and a child for 2 x 3 meals per day and anything else we needed. Why should we have to worry while they refuse to give us the money rightfully ours? I think that was set up by my hubby for the young uns benefits yes, before he met me. Would you leave it or go after em for the anxiety and worry that it might happen again since no reasons were given? thanks again Dawn
  7. Yep Angmarie I now know why my grandparents and all their friends did just that. That generation remembered the depression in America and they hated banks with a vengence. My grans and gramps wouldn't entertain them. Now we have not choice, for payments of wages, benefits, for buying insurance paying bills, we have been forced into using them. I have been in that situation you speak of with no nappies when I was a single mum. The bank put charges on and it took all my family allowance one week, it is no picnic dealing with huge financial bodies when you are not rich enough to be really dealing with them. I will certainly let you know how we go on. My hubby will be the one going in, he is 'too' patient lol, good job I am unable to go really, I would be totally unsuitable but I would let them give me info first prior to telling them their service sucks lol. x Dawn
  8. Hi hon thats wierd, cos they took it off the online banking completely so we and they couldn't transfer funds into the other account. Had nobody to borrow from unfortunately. Also as we are in Whitby in the middle of nowhere and that branch doesn't open we were snookered anyway. Thanks will definately go in on Monday and get the money out and ask for an explaination as to why they could hold our own money like that without first letting us know and without ringing at least, they do have a phone number. It is disgusting. Thanks Your Bank for your help.
  9. Just got off phone cannot get into electronic sysem. So it has a cashline stop on it apparently, we are trying to feed 4 until this is sorted out, oh how we are going to complain on Monday. Pity we cannot print money we don't have like they do. The stress is terrible, the money for the 0845 phone calls is a lot now, we are not rich people. Really would rather not bother with banks but you cannot get anyting nowadays unless you have direct debit. Ridiculous. They don't want to use cash, cheque, anything, just control and I am so sick to the bone of it. So stressed and worried about the food thing. xThanks to those who posted we are stuck.
  10. Yes they said it was stopped, nothing wrong with card as far as we know? An hour ago a manager was supposed to ring back, the shops will be shut soon and we haven't got any food in to feed the kids, this is ridiculous, they need to sort it out. My hubby is back on the phone now x
  11. The account is blocked, none of those things apply to us tho hon thanks Dawn
  12. Hiya We have spoken to 9 people on the 24 hour line today. For some reason they have blocked the only account with any money in, there is no reason at all honestly. It contains our son's benefit moneys and we need to get to the shop to buy food! Been passed round and round from person to person even had the line dropped, hubby's and my stress levels are terrible. We have to get to that money today. Even a reason for it being stopped would be helpful, but it is apparently a branch thing and it is Saturday. Waiting for a manager to call but doesn't think they can interfere with what is happening. Is there any overseeing body can get us access to the account? It just disappeared of online banking with £160 in it:eek:, all we have. Is there any way of getting any satisfaction from Natwest call centres when you have an emergency like this? They always act as though everyone has loads of money and doing something like this just doesn't seem important to them as though it can wait till after the weekend, well it cannot. Can anyone please help? We feel as though we have been robbed. cheers Dawnx
  13. We just had our first bill from NPower after 2 years of ringing and asking why they werent coming. Energywatch actually got them to come and fit a new meter because it was a key meter and overcharging. Is there any way we can get the old info given to energywatch so that we can take NPower to court for not billing us? Maybe we might get some compensation as now we are in a state with outstanding balances due to never knowing what we owed. But they say they sent the bills and statements for the key meter out and we never have had them, how do you prove something like that? The second meter is a normal meter, but we could compare the prices to the £30 per week ones we got on the key meter, its all a big mess. cheers Whittersx
  14. Thank you Well my bf sorted out all the stuff according to what it said on the letter. Seems that plastic bags are not wanted according to the letter, which had been going in, maybe that is what it was. It certainly would have been nice if they had let him know via something on the bin or a letter prior to the threat. I am sure there must have been snoops, all smacks of Big Brother watching you. I could understand dangerous objects being a no no, would not want anyone to get hurt sorting it out. I think imposing this is bad, some people do not have the mental capacity through illness, or the energy through same to be sorting their refuse. A blanket law about recycling seems very draconian to me. Thanks again, I will certainly let you know. God bless
  15. No I aren't quite sure hon, something about wrong stuff in recycle bin, but I don't even live here but I thought they were supposed to let him know he was doing it wrong before serving notice? Actually they shouldnt really be serving it on me either I don't think. You can't put letters in normal bin either? wow, this is complicated :O help Dawn
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