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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the change of charges.They sent me a letter last week saying they were working on my claim so will watch out to see if they charge me the original 10%.
  2. Supervisor please go to Martins site and search for Yes Loans Ltd - Don't even go there... find YORKSHIRE LAD and mail him he has all the PROPER contact info you need to get your money back.This is the mail I sent them please feel free to use it. PLEASE ensure the fee for reference no 1234567 is returned to me ****** by the 29th August 2008 if you do not comply I will commence legal action against YES Loans in the County Court using the Small claims track. Please note a wait of more than 7 days for receipt of my refund is not acceptable.You took payment immediately you can return it within the same time frame. A letter to this effect will be posted by recorded delivery on the 29th August. Also please note my phone number is on the TPS list and legal action under the Data Protection Act will also be taken against individual operators of YES Loans and subsidiary/partner companies who ignore this. Regards********. My £59.50 was back in my account on the 30th August and so far no more phone calls from them or their other companies DONT waste time phoning them. all you will be doing is adding to your phone bill and giving their operators a laugh at your expense.
  3. Just got mail back saying James Benamor has nothing to do with Yes Loans.
  4. My wife is another one who did apply through YES and ended up getting an 09064001800 number to call. As my wife is American she had difficulty understanding the person on the phone and was on for 14 min 59 secs at a cost of £38.65 then the phone back in an hour for 9 min 59 secs at a cost of £25.78 and the admin fee of £59.50 that YES took and still no loan. Today I got the second call for today from them (she told them on the first call to remove number) and I told them this after I did a google on unsolicited calls. For your information this phone line is registered to me ******* and is registered with the TPS by ME so your company passing my number to other companies is breaking the law under the Data Protection Act. I did not give your company permission to do this and any further unsolicited calls from companies you have passed my number to will be reported to the Information Commissioner's Office Also sent this in e-mail to Stop at yes**** company, will now wait and see what happens.
  5. Ok its looking good, first time you see no clouds over Inverness give me a shout and I can tell the wife safe to put washing out
  6. From what I can remember from my gm6 days the signal from a Sat is spinning hence the spiral design on the antenna I would also think you need to eliminate any bounce up from the ground to the antenna that might give you ghost images. Coax used as an aerial can be very length critical an extra half inch can mess up the phase of the signal. Dont know what comp program you are using but seem to remember the good old spectrum used to have lots of radio ham programs for CW, RTTY and weather sats.......have fun...from another anorak sitting in the pub tapping CQ on the pint glasss and waiting on the reply..
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