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  1. are you sure the claret's musty ? it could be the glass you're sipping from alice and white rabbit xxx
  2. monsieur square de la bob how are you - hope you are happy and well. i see you are sipping a very fine claret - from your recent photo alice down the rabbit hole xxx
  3. Hi Conniff how are you ? lovely to hear from you. as A&L were not involved in the test case i am wondering where this case will leave A&L customers alice - 'still wondering' xxx
  4. so at long last things are finally moving again. Banks lose overdraft charges case today ! BUT cases currently on hold in the County Courts will stay on hold until 22 May xxx
  5. as the test case gets closer thought i'd have a quick peep at this thread to refresh my memory can't believe its almost 4 months since i last posted. and jansus, keen and kind as ever who left me the last post ! time certainly flies a little late but heres wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR alice x
  6. am a little bit late but heres wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone ! hope you are all well xxxxx
  7. OOOOOPSIE don't know whats happened there, i had a completely different pic, and its put in the same one ??
  8. hello woolie kitten how are you today ?
  9. awww so sorry to hear about little bun. alice xxx
  10. yes woolie, i should imagine that squarebob will be in charge of the barbecue when we have our teddybear picnic. xxx
  11. this is the outfit i'm wearing for the teddy bears picnic xxx
  12. the previous one was about a MILLION TIMES BIGGER - no kidding
  13. had no idea it was that big !!! hello everyone nice to see you all long time no see i have now mastered how to remove the piccies after 15 frantic minutes
  14. but shouldn't you be BOB THE BUILDER instead of BOB THE SQUARE
  15. so this is where the fairies and bears get together !
  16. I've just poured you a nightcap. nightie night Chin Chin Votre Sante good health squirebobs an don't ye knock it all back at once xxx
  17. ooooh thankyou conniff, i've just set the table for tea ! hugs to you and mrs conniff alice xxx
  18. hello conniff lovely hug received THANKYOU and up we go again..... BUMP....... alice xxx
  19. APPLYING TO HAVE STAY LIFTED form N244 well i'm still mulling it over....... i still haven't completed my n244 form. just don't know whether its going to be worth the hassle in view of what happened with squarebob on friday. alice in PONDERland xxx
  20. hi conniff just going to 'bump' you back to the top of the list, so that hopefully someone will come to your aid shortly. alice xxx
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