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  1. Hi Billybonkeye,


    Totally random, but if you are the same person who posted this thread, https://alt.tv.lost.narkive.com/lBgMl5KR/twilight-zone-outer-limits-episode-in-a-dolls-house#post1, 13 years ago can you please email me at [email protected]


    i have been searching for the last 20 years. i saw it when i was maybe 10, so 1987.


    i remember exactly as you describe it.

    The father realised there was something wrong.when he noticed the insignia on all of the packaging and tried to crash the car through the wall. At the end when it panned out and you saw the other family, it was a dollshouse that had been put in an oven.


    if this is you, please get in touch.




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