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  1. Hi Billybonkeye,


    Totally random, but if you are the same person who posted this thread, https://alt.tv.lost.narkive.com/lBgMl5KR/twilight-zone-outer-limits-episode-in-a-dolls-house#post1, 13 years ago can you please email me at [email protected]


    i have been searching for the last 20 years. i saw it when i was maybe 10, so 1987.


    i remember exactly as you describe it.

    The father realised there was something wrong.when he noticed the insignia on all of the packaging and tried to crash the car through the wall. At the end when it panned out and you saw the other family, it was a dollshouse that had been put in an oven.


    if this is you, please get in touch.




  2. Thanks all, yeah ive got all the basic bundle stuff from the links here, just wondered if im missing anything as there are lots of posts that mention things that i havnt included. Bonnie, no tales been told, just know by reputation Billy
  3. Thanks Bonnie, too much wine at 5minutes to 6?? Starting late today then? Another comment ive got, is that ive not been asked on my court order for witness statements, or any of the other things that people are mentioning might be requested by the court. My letter just asked that i submit "all documents on which i intend to rely" to the court at least 14 days before court date. Why is mine different? Do i need all this extra stuff?? Billy
  4. Hi all Whilst i have posted a few times before, i didnt want to burden anyone with questions, esp as there are now so many people wanting help. My question today is about my court bundle which im about to send off, (court date in Sept at Uxbridge County Court) though of course it might now be postponed pending test case. In my bundle i have all the stuff from the suggested links on this site, a spreadsheet of charges, copies of all correspondance. Is there anything else i need? Read stuff about 'Particulars of Claim'? What exactly do people mean by this? and are people adding in newspaper/webpage articles, about succesful claims etc? Any help much appreciated. Good luck to all Billy
  5. If anyone can advise, i would be very grateful. Just wanting to ask what interest columns should go in my court bundle spreadsheet? Just the monthly interest they have charged me for being in unauthorised overdraft, or the 8% cumulative interest, or both?? Many thanks in anticipation Billy
  6. So my query is...... on my statements it has "Interest" listed each month where i have been in unauthorised overdraft. I assume that i can put this in the court bundle spreadsheet, as its the 8% accrued interest that i cant claim for until im succesful? Is that correct?? and does the court bundle spreadsheet now need to include the 8% interest column? KR and GL to all. Billy
  7. Hi all, i did post in my existing thread but not much success, so will politely ask here. Im getting together the court bundle, in court 03rd Sept. Re: the template spreadsheet that people are adding their charges to.... There is an 8% interest column which i understand should be removed before sending in bundle (as this 8% interest can be claimed for subsequently if im successful) have i got that right?? Secondly, in the template spreadsheet, it doesnt say anything on there about the interest ive been charged after (for example) going into unauthorised overdraft. Just suggests "cleared direct debit" charges etc. etc. So can i just add in the interest ive been charged each month? Does this make sense? KR Billy
  8. ...... continued...... Im claiming for about 600quid in charges and about 200quid in interest payments (eg for being in unauthorised overdraft). On the charges spreadsheet (that i want to put in my bundle) that everyone uses, it has a column for the accrued interest (8%), so in my court bundle paperwork what interest charges am i putting on the spreadsheet? Does that make sense?! KR to all Billy
  9. Hi all, no progress since offered to settle, 4 weeks ago. (Had reply but no mention if they considering settling) Anyway, court date approaches (03rd Sept) and the court bundle is taking shape. But something confusing me. I
  10. Hi all, In what format are people putting the penalty charge data into their court bundle? Copy of all statements for last 6 years Copy of all statements with charges on or Spreadsheet with list of charges? Ive had a look round, but i cant see anyone specifically being clear about this. Cheers BB
  11. Hey M Basically gonna get info from this site, cant cope with too many sources of info. Seems like more than enough stuff on here anyway. I will only complicate myself if i have too much paperwork. Seems like the most likely outcome is that Abbey will settle, but not in enough time for funds to clear in your account, thereby forcing you to go to court. Im pretty well decided that i will end up in court, im sorta unlucky like that! Bit gutted that they cant just reply and agree to my 800 quid, esp as so many people are claiming thousands! I thought they would happily settle up for me. Think i will send this nudge letter ive seen templates for, straight to the solicitors, if i dont hear anything this week. I dont have a printer for my laptop, gonna have to hope my work doesnt notice all this stuff im printing! BB (ok its Andrew really)
  12. Have you filed action with MoneyClaim Online, or just written to Abbey to ask for money back? BB
  13. Hi all Still no offer to settle after i emailed louise jacobs (who forwarded on to Clare Fletcher). Had acknowledgment of my email from Clare, but nothing else. Preparing court bundle this week, court date Sep 03rd. Two questions i have after reading some more threads, are people doing this thing where they are sending a "Draft Order for Direction" straight to the court? I dont really understand this. and are people writing directly to the bank solicitors offering to settle prior to going to court (for a slightly reduced amount) ?? other than that im fairly clear what im doing (he says hopefully!!) Best wishes to all BB
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