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  1. I'm just doing a bit of research on the above, and I'm sure I read somewhere that it was against the law for a landlord to ban potential renters to not have any pets in their houses... Is this right? Any help you cfould give me would be marvellous.. I've tried google and the usual places, but can't turn up any information! Cheers in advance JJS
  2. Well done.. You've made what could've been a helpful post pointless, this could've been helpful to people, now it's a waste. Why not just delete the thread if you're not happy with it!
  3. copy the emails to ebay and cite "the guys a nutter" for reason not completing the sale. Nah seriously, copy ebay into the messages etc and state that you no longer wish to deal with the seller. Worst they can do is issue a non-payment strike.
  4. Just on a side note, you can't trace an IP address unless it's a static IP, or they've got a court order forcing the service provider to reveal it. and I agree with everyone above. Download adaware and spybot search and destroy, they should sort it out
  5. Going to share where you got them from Raymond??
  6. I agree. I work bloody hard to afford my 2 bed semi, so does my other half. We make ends meet just and I'm just looking at taking a 2nd job to be able to afford nice things like holidays etc, at the cost of seeing my partner less. Not ideal, but if I want these things, I've got to pay for them myself. Added to that my partner has been off sick from work for 5 months this year. The DWP were useless, said that because we owned our house and because she had a partner (i.e. me) they couldn't help. So much for working to own your own stuff, I'd be better off losing my job and going on benefits, paying menial rent and working cash in hand. Legal? No, but the government seems to look after the people that aren't paying taxes etc better than the ones that do!
  7. I've also said that I feel the courts are too soft on these, and most other law breakers as well, the law in this country is generally an ass. How many times have you seen drunk drivers hit people, kill them and get away with a 2 year ban and a fine?! Or hit and run drivers with no insurance, who get a 3 week jail term after they've hit someone.
  8. they're still breaking the law, regardless of the amounts involved
  9. I think the state of the fishing industry is disgraceful, I was reading the other day about cod fisherman having to dump dead fish over the side because of EU fishing quotas.
  10. Can this thread be moved to "general consumer issues" then?
  11. Would've suited me if they'd have gone bust, my mortgage is with them, paperwork might've got lost Personally I think they should've been allowed to go bust, regardless of my financial position with them, as it's not fair to allow the government to bail out a failing business. They wouldn't do it for anyone else, so why should a bank be any different.
  12. Northern Rock is a different issue, but yes, I'm sure there are plenty of crooks in the financial world, they're everywhere nowadays. Anyway there's talk of Virgin taking over NR, and repaying 1/2 (better than nothing) of the banks debt to the government. I think the government bailed NR out mainly because of the amount of money it [NR] owed to other UK banks, to avoid the knock on effect that NR going bust would have on the other banks. Correct me if I'm wrong though
  13. I agree. ASBO's clearly don't work, as they're just a badge of honour. The prisons are full, so thats not going to happen. Most probably don't pay fines, so warrants end up being issued for them, wasting police time. Community service, complete with orange jump suits or something similar would be a good way to go to punish the lower end of the criminal spectrum.
  14. And my answer is still no Due to vigilante justice etc. However I do feel that the courts need to be harder with such cheats etc.
  15. Another serious discussion ruined by ridiculous posts I see ^^^
  16. If the "fees" are unlawful, why not claim them back? If they are exit fees, then from what I've read they are a genuine pre-estimate of loss on their part, and legally enforcable (at this time anyway) What fees are you refering to?
  17. Joncris your views appear to be misguided somewhat. Just because someone is disabled doesn't make them outside of the law! The law applies to everyone, whether they like it or not is another matter of course.
  18. I agree, I may not agree with people stealing money, but saying they should be shot may be a touch harsh. Being forced to repay the money and a short holiday at Her Majestys pleasure would do
  19. I'm sorry but there are no "degrees" when it comes to fraud. The law is the law! I'm sure you'd all be quick enough to phone the police if someone broke into your house and stole your belongings, regardless of if their theft was to feed their families? Or would that be acceptable to you? Just because these people are stealing from the government, a faceless organisation does not make it any less of a crime.
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