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  1. Thanks for the advice - Ill get reading and keep you informed!
  2. Hi - I have found out, just before Christmas, that my son has taken a loan with Welcome Finance. He took the loan out back in February 2007 to cover car repairs. Due to his hours being cut at work, in the current climate, he is finding it extremely hard to make the payments and has fallen short. This is making him ill so I agreed to help. He has given me copies of the orginal agreement and I'm, quite frankly, sickened by the terms of this loan. The insurances amount to £1243.29 (including IPT) but the additional interest on these insurances is £1042.69! The total for the insurances alone payable over the 3 years is £2285.97 which is more than the amount of the orginal cash advance of £2000! Is this legal? He says that when he took the loan, it was implied that if he didn't take these insurances, he would probably not get the loan. The APR on the loan is a stagering 58.51% The total payable is £6100.92. Is there anything at all I can do? I just don't know where to start. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  3. Let me know how you get on - just about to start round 2 with nat West! - FB:D
  4. Just brilliant - especially at the moment. I'm thinking of round 2 now - February 2007 to date! Same account though - do you think if it the same account that they will view the payment they made as full and final settlement?
  5. Personally yes, I would write the non-compliance letter asking for Judgement. In my case, the Judge gave Cobbetts a further week (by further order) to comply or the Defence would be struck out, which of course they didn't and it was!
  6. Oggy also posted the letter to my thread. Good luck and fingers crossed for you - I really do feel that if Nat West has not complied to court directions that you have a very good case. Enjoy the Chinese! FB x.
  7. I think the announcement was 27/07 - correct me (anyone) if I'm wrong. I think it is worth a try though. I know it is a lottery at the moment but some judges are taking a very dim view of Banks not complying to court directions and orders, despite the OFT announcement- non-compliance is, after all an abuse of the court system.
  8. Hi Welsh Girl - I used the Judgement letter pursuant to CPR 3.4 on oggys thread, it worked for me. The Judge made a further order for Cobbetts to comply basically giving them an extra week to supply their bundle which of course they didn't and the Defence was struck out. The cheque arrived the day after! This was post OFT announcement. Good Luck! - FB
  9. Brilliant oggy - really well done - how come they coughed up so easily?
  10. That's brilliant Oggy - at what stage did they cough up? had you asked for judgement again?
  11. Thanks Oggy - getting the Judgement letter in early did the trick I think, just before the OFT test case announcement. Thanks for all your help! I still keep an eye on the site though and think I may go for round 2 against Nat West regardless of the current situation. Hope you had a good holiday on your winnings!
  12. Hi there - Oxford County Court are saying business as usual and they have had no instructions to treat claims for Bank charges any differently from before the OFT announcement. Luckily for me as I won yesterday - Post OFT and the Judge refused Natwest a stay! Good luck to all as I know it is a bit of a lottery at the moment.
  13. Thanks again Hedgey and Steven - have downloaded the N279 and faxed it to the Court, all received. Keep up the good work - will let you know when I begin with round 2 -charges from February 2007 to date!!
  14. Hi Steven - thanks for the download although there seems to be an error and it won't open? Thank you so much for all your help - you have also been an absolute star and I really couldn't have have go this far without you. x .
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