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  1. Hi Everyone I am trying to search about ready to remortgage soon. We have one small ccj was for £200 and another £200 added on for legal fees . The amount is almost cleared ( I would prefer to have it all clear before remortgaging ) ? I will have to get in touch with experian to make sure it is cleared on our file. We are clearing debts through a debt management plan set up by our local citizens advice bureau . Will this look bad when remortgaging. I presume we will be subprime. I heard about BM Solutions and just wonder if anyone has had any dealings ?? I also don't know whether to remortgage interest only ' again ' to let us clear our feet of debt. We have 17 years left on mortgage. We are doing really well clearing the debt and feel the stress is getting less thanks to this site........
  2. We are also with redstone and are stuck with them till October !! They are constantly sending letters that we are in arrears WE ARE NOT . This will not look good on our credit file and also when we have to ask for a mortgage statement when we do remortgage, It will constantly show an arrears figure everymonth ?? This will also put other lenders off.......... keep me posted if you hear anything else .
  3. Hi My main worry now is who will be get a new mortgage from ?? There seems to be less and less deals around............. I certainly don't want to stay with redstone. They send a letter EVERY MONTH to say we are one month in arrears WE ARE NOT !! our payments are made every month. This will not look good on mortgage statement as they continually say we are one month behind. Hopefully mortgage market will change in a few months time and I can start looking about for a rate better than over 9% !!
  4. Bank of scotland also changed charges !! Now £15 fee instead of £35 - £39 There must be something going on . ? Why change now I would have thought they would have waited on the judgement , its like admitting that they have been overcharging for so long. Fingers crossed x
  5. Hi There There IS light at the end of the tunnel. We were in the same position ( about 20K of debt ) !! four or five years ago. I struggled to keep up the min payment but the debt was NEVER clearing. The crunch came when the mortgage rate went up and up almost doubling our payments. :o I finally cracked . The phone was going constantly and I would dread the mail man with yet another demand. I went to my local CAB who were fab. I have set up a debt management plan ( free) I pay them an affordable amount weekly and they distribute to debtors. At last no phone calls and letters.... !!!! and all interest stopped I never thought we would be stress free but we are getting there . debt now be cleared in approx three years. ( sooner if bank charges come through ) hope this helps you..................
  6. Any ideas how long it takes Cap 1 to pay out ? I know they tend to agree to pay once they receive court papers , but is it months or weeks for them to pay out............ Going hols in a few weeks and could do with the money !!!!
  7. I went to our local CAB and they fab.. They handed over all paper work to a debt management companY done through ~( DAS ) all processed legally with creditors and at NO cost to myself. At last no phone calls chasing debt !! Its been a struggle over the years but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel.............. My biggest win will be if I get my bank charges back . £4700 on one account, £700 on the second and approx £500 on the third.
  8. Hi We have a mortgage with redstone at present ( only about 6 months to go ) and we will remortgage and get rid of them. Could you not do the same ? Our original mortgage was with skipton and when we hit financial troubles we suddenly changed to redstone. They DO NOT LISTEN ! We ended up with a debt collector round at £100 charge to us. We were under 1 month in arrears and he himself couldn't explain why he was sent. They charge 50.00 to your account monthly if more than one month in arrears. ( I will recliam once I have remortgaged) I can't wait to get shot of them . They are actually called Home Loans .
  9. Hi We are paying over £900 :o :o :o on an interest only mortgage. We have a high rate due to our previous credit problems. ( which have now been sorted out) My question is when you remortgaged did you get a good deal even although you had problems ?? We are due to remortgage in the summer . Hopefully the rate will have gone down again by then. I was just wondering if it will still be a high rate that we will be offered ?
  10. I had thought about that as they also deal with people that have had credit problems in the past. I will start looking a couple of months before we change. It is not worthwhile just now as we would be £6000 in fees if we moved just now !! Thanks for your help.
  11. Believe it or not it was a broker who messd things up for us the last time . !! we ended up reporting him to FSA. THIS IS WHY i AM VERY VERY WARY !! We are on 9.5% at the moment ................. any other deal must be better. Many thanks for your help. I will keep you posted.
  12. Hi Any paperwork now comes from Redstone Plc . I was told that there are actually called Home Loans ?? The gentleman who was taking pictures was definately from that company as my husband challanged him . My main concern is getting a fairly good deal when this one finishes ? Redstone are NOT nice to deal with at all. They wanted to charge us £100 for someone to go through our monthly bills etc. I said no . As from end of month due to getting an extra pay this month ( I get paid 13 times in the year ) The arrears are cleared. They sent a debt collector who was very helpful and couldn't understand why they were still persuing us. He advised that I refusedto have him go through all our details. Which I did. I can't wait to remortgage. But again a bit scary as don't know best deals ................. /
  13. We were with skipton and then all of a sudden they changed to redstone whome I am led to believe are debt collectors ?? We are one month in arrears ( due to the mortgage jumping form £550 to £969 :o ) Its a struggle to keep everything going, but we are getting there . I am awaiting a large sum in bank charges , but don't know how long it will take . Problem is someone from redstone visited our house the other day . Hubby works ****fs and was in the house.............. He noticed someone taking pictures of his car and went out to question the guy. He explained where he was from and he said it was company policy.?? We have made an arrangement to clear the arrears. We are able to change mortgage suppliers in October this year so hopefully we will get a better rate ( maybe be sub prime again ) ?? Will it revert back to skipton once arrears are paid off ?? Sorry for all the questions ........
  14. I don't know if anyone else has experienced what I am going through. Debt plan was set up through CAB using a reputable company. Weekly payments have been coming off for the last few weeks. I received 2 letters from debt companies that are within the plan. They maintain that the original debtor has passed the debt to them now and [payments have to go straight to them ????? I thought that once the original company had agreed to the reduced payment and the cab signed the forms that I could no longer be harrassed by these companies. Maybe the banks are getting tougher and no longer want to wait for the debt management company to pay them ? Can anyone help ??
  15. Hi How are you. This site is great you will enjoy reading and joining in on all sorts of subjects.............. I am awaiting a large sum after the test case if all goes well. ??
  16. This was the situation that we were in a few months ago . Not answering phones. Didn't want to open mail. Any payments that I managed to make were eaten up by the charges and the interest. I have had £1200 back in charges so far and I am awaiting the rest. It really does help to try and get the interest on hold until you clear your feet.........
  17. I know its hard not to worry but honestly there is light at the end of the tunnel. We were severely in debt and tried like yourself to pay money to all of our debtors. You can't pay out more than you are getting in. It took me a long time to realise that . I had buried my head for so long. I gave myself a shake and made an appointment with a money advisor at CAB . Pressure instantly lifted. They wrote to all the companies offering a pto rata payment of what I could afford. Ok it will take me longer to pay the debt but circumstances can change and I can clear the debt quicker if I like. The letters and constant phone calls stopped and I can finally relax. Husband offerd better contract with more hours etc so things will get better. If you face up to the debt now before its too late. Hope this helps. Take care
  18. Hi We were with Amber home loans but they have sold out to Redstone ? We have till next summer to try and clear some debts, and improve our credit rating. Now debt management is in place it gets creditors off our back and stops the phone calls. I am really hoping that the bank charge trial in january goes in our favour and not the banks. If I can get my charges back then I can clear ccj's and loads of silly debts that are just hanging . IF ONLY ! So I am really awaiting the outcome re banks......... Also the interest rate coming down would aslo help.......
  19. Hi I am not sure where to go for advice . Went to a so called financial advisor two years ago. We were well and truly screwed and ended up with our mortgage payments going from £550 to £979 !!!! I have really been struggling to keep payments going. we are about £800 behind which isn't bad condisering. I amwaiting on the outcome re the banks Due about 4.5 k back ! My concern is We have one ccj. a dept management plan through CAB which is going great. What kind of mortgage deal can we expect ??? Due to start looking nxt summer. will cost us 6k to move just now . it looks gloomy re sub prime deals. Can't get caught again...... Any ideas where to go
  20. It is sooooooo quiet on the site at the moment. I am due about 4K from the bank of scotland. Courts at a standstill. I am worried that it is going to take years for the TEST case to be concluded. I could really do with that money..... bet there are loads of people ( thousands maybe ) in the same boat. So unfair......
  21. I haven't heard of them.. My Claim is rather large for the scottish system so I chickened out and went to a copmany financial claims.com .. anyone heard of them ???
  22. Got new charges leaflet through from 'Lloyds' TSB : Unplanned o/draft fees :- Monthly fee £15 ( max one fee in each monthly billing period ) Unplanned o/d balance is less than £25 - daily fee £6 between £25 - £100 - daily fee £15 more than £100 - daily fee £20 Returned items £20 The NEW charges start 2nd November. yikes ... !!!!! How can they do this when the previous charges haven't been settled ??????
  23. they are ok to deal with. I have almost cleared my debt. 40 quid to go........... !! i just telephoned a switch payment every week ....
  24. Sorry that amount is or was the redemption fee. Do I send £10 for a list of all charges ? this should include any charges or exit fee 's
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