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  1. I am trying to clear up my credit file and noticed that Scotcall had kindly put a default on my account a few years ago . It was for £127. I wrote asking for copy of the credit agreement. I did not sign the letter ) Their reply is :- ' can I please clarify in writing if you are stating categorically that you did not sign an agreement relating to the above outstanding debt ' . Please note however that whether the agreement was signed or not is an evidential matter, which does not necessarily require production of a copy signed agreement to satisfy the courts that the agreement was signed. How do I reply to this ??
  2. Hi Can anyone help me with what I do now ? I have all the statements and have requested the money and have had the usual fob off letters....... I have two accounts with GE Capital . Do I claim for them seperately ? How do I work out the interest ?
  3. Hi sorry to be ignorant re claiming through the courts. I have rec'd my statements and requested the refund . Usual fob off letter that they will pay difference. My claim is for £1280 in fees , they offered me £500 Don't know what to do next ?? How much are the court fees ? Does the form just get handed in to a local court ? Sorry for all the questions........
  4. Hi Sorry to seem ignorant. Do you get the N1 from the courts , and does it cost to claim. I have been offered £500 . The claim would be for £1280 plus interest. I am not sure how to go about claiming through the court ?
  5. Our loan with amber was FIXED for 24 months then libor rate for remaining 12 months..................... The discounted deal is the new mortgage deal we have been offered by a totally different company.
  6. I have two accounts that are both through GE Money . I have the statements from both accounts totalling nearly £900 in charges. I am :o terrified about the thought of going to court but would like the charges back............... Do you have to go the the courts to collect the form , how much does it cost ? I have also got my statements in from Capital one. I requested the charges back. Got the usual fob off letter . Charges are £1280 , they offered £500 , so I guess this is another one I could claim through the courts. Do you have to appear in person as I don't think I could do that ...
  7. Hi Manchester1 I think I am just panicking............ we are just coming off such a bad mortgage deal. I am now beginning to get our head above the water for the first time in years.......... I am trying to clear up our credit file and a few months down the line bothe ccj's will be satisfied. I know that some of the defaults will fall off march/april next year with another couple still straggling. I have just rec'd off er from capital 1 they offered £500. The charges are £1280 !! i am not sure if I am brave enough to go through the courts myself ........ I will link to the capital one threads later..........
  8. Hi WILKINSS208 Re Amber mortgage :- We also assumed that we were on fixed rate ! we went to financial ombudsman to report the broker who sold us the mortgage and were more or less told that because we had signed on the dotted line that we had no claim. !! We are due to remortgage and were offered a deal of 6.3% discounted rate for two years. Being VERY wary after the last time I checked all the paperwork and yet again it was a quarterly rate change .............! Hopefully you will not be in the same situation , keep me posted on how you get on. ( our loan also suddenly changed mid way to Redstone mortgages........ ?? ) Seems that they are just administrators for Amber. Hope this helps you . If you have any other questions please ask......
  9. Many thanks for your advice.. Problem is trying to find a broker who doesn't charge ??
  10. We had a nightmare with amber , :o and an even worse time with the so called broker we went to !! He did not tell us that the mortgage was linked to the LIBOR rate, hence our mortgage was never stable. It also shot up nearly £250 per month when we went on the the SVR ........ Again we were stuck as the fees for early redemption are £6000 . We now have securitized mortgage , as amber sold the deal to redstone to administer !! Thankfully just a few months left................. My reasons for asking about the defaults are that most of them are due to disappear in 2003........ leaving a few stragglers . I am trying to tidy up my credit file before remortgaging...... Our bank (BOS) have BM solutions that we could maybe try. For a half descent rate they accept 1 ccj but it doesn't mention defaults ???? maybe I am just being toooo hopeful ?
  11. We were with Amber and they did the same thing. :o The rates are ' libor linked and change quarterly.............. !!!!! we found over the three years we had the mortgage the figure continually went uo and down ( more up ) We were recently offered a new deal recently as we are due to remortgage and guess what it was the same kind of deal !! I would never ever go down that line again ................. penfold...... Do you know if mortgage companies look at old defaults that are sitting on credit file ??
  12. Thanks Manchester1 . We have a few defaults that clear next year. we are still left with a few for the following year. we have 2 ccj's one is cleared and still has to be marked off in our credit file ( which i am in the process of doing ) The other on is for £227 ( with £200 charges on top ) The balance being about £350 at present. I was looking at the web for BM solutions and they have a relatively good rate ( I bank with Bank of Scotland ) They cater for 1 ccj on that rate but it doesn't mention anything about defaults ??
  13. There was a message on my answer phone a few weeks ago asking me to give thenm a ring re reference xxxxxxx . Which I did not do. We rae due to remortage so I wanted a look at my credit file. The default was put on about two years ago !!! I am totally disgusted with them. I am sending a cca request.
  14. Hi After looking at my credit file Scotcall have kindly put a default onto my credit file for £127.00 !! I have no idea what this is for. Can I ask for a cca agreement ? Do they have 12 days to send and can I demand that they remove the default is no cca ??
  15. Can anyone tell me if defaults that will drop of my credit file be taken into consideration when remortgaging ?? I am sure that someone had said that some companies ignore defaults completely ??
  16. Hi Mortgagetalk The arrangement is not an IVA. It was arranged through our local citizens advice bureau who wrote to them with an agreed monthly figure. I tried to get redstone to remove the so called missed payments on our experian file. They said they couldn't. Would I need to send experian some form of proof that the payment was made ie bank statements or mortgage statement ? I feel that it is very misleading at the moment as it looks as if the payments were missed instead of a few days late !! think redstone have been a bit quick of the mark...........
  17. Hi Mortgagetalk 2 Defaults are for bank charges (2003) One Default clydesdale bank amount £7000 default in 2003 balance now £4000. ( loan) have an arrangement to pay them monthly. 2nd default with clydesdale for mastercard not sure on balance left . Again default was in 2003. Our mortgage was with amber home loans , then they securitized it and we now pay Redstone. Their administration system is dire. As per credit file they have us as missing payments sept 2007 , dec 2007 and may 2008............ I have asked them to correct this and they have refused . I agree the payment for may was 5 days late but never missed as the credit report shows. I have yearly statement that shows all monthly payments made . It is so aggrivating as it looks so bad on the credit file................. We are paying 8.45% interest only !!!
  18. Hi Mortgagetalk Our house is valued approx £190000 , mortgage at present £121500 Our penalty is £6000 if we redeem before October. We have a few defaults on our credit file some are satisfied, 2 or three fall off in 2003 That leaves two outstanding but we have an arrangement where they are being paid off monthly . So the only thing that looks bad on our file are the defaults. The way the mortgage market is going I don't know if another high street lender would look at ??
  19. Hi Bona phoned charcol and they were fab. They are in agreement that I will clear the outstanding CCJ ( under £200 ) and have the other CCJ marked as cleared before I apply for a remortgage. I have to give them a ring back in August which is plenty of time as we have till beginning of October. It will look better when they do a credit search but they said they could def find a remortgage for us. Hopefully a few months down the line there might be more deals available..........
  20. Hi Huskylady Please beware of this company.......... They put a default on our account a few years ago for £17.00 I only noticed it recently when I ordered my credit report !!
  21. Now you have a figure send a polite letter requesting the charges that have been made to your account . Guaranteed they will refuse............ That is when you get a bit tougher and state that you will have no further option than to go through the courts to persue your money.... Fingers crossed...
  22. Hi Bankchargeslave I have decided to try and clear the existing ccj (under £200 ) and have the other one marked as cleared on my credit file. This should help alot when remortgaging. Most of our defaults fall of next year so again that is good. Our deal ends in October so I think I will wait a few months and let the market settle abit and then start searching again. This will give me time to have my credit file updated .
  23. Is it with a sub prime lender. We are finding it a nightmare to remortgage. A local broker could only get us a deal with extortionate fees and not a very good rate. We have 2 small ccj's ( under £200 ) one of which is cleared . Most of our defaults will fall off next year. I had thought on trying charcol , or to wait for a few months to see if the martgage market gets any better ?????? Hope you don't mind me asking you ..
  24. Hi SHELLEBELLE How did you get on with your mortgage enquiry with GMAC ?
  25. I have decided that we will just stay put for a while. ( think it makes sense) and try and get credit file cleared up a little ( most defaults fall off march/April next year ) A ccj is still sitting not marked as clear etc................ I phoned amber at lunch time and was told that mortgage is now def with redstone. I was transferred through. I asked what happens when our original deal comes to an end ? I was told that they only offer the SVR that I am on. !! suprise , surprise. I think the government / mortgage market will have to have a rethink regarding the old ' subprime ' market as more and more people are falling into this situation with very little mortgage suppliers left ................. A lot of subprime lenders have closed their books on new business at the moment. My only concern is that I don't want to stay on this rate for long as we are interest only...........
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