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  1. Hi I am not sure if you can answer my question ? We have been out of our 3 year deal with Redstone sice last October. we are libor plus 2.5% I want to over pay since our payments are low. I phoned redstone and was tols we could pay only £1000 per year. If this is a ' debt ' could we not pay off more . We can't find a descent remortgage deal at present so are going to save in an isa or try to pay more to redstone ??
  2. Had no financial problems in last few years. House value approx £185,000 Mortgage £121,500 so here's hoping. we are on interest only and have missed no payments but really want to revert back to capital & interest
  3. We are sticking with Redstone at the moment. We have just had our deal reviewed for the next quarter and its 3.37% By July next year all defaults will have dropped off our credit file............... I am going to put extra money into a savings account . My question is will we be able to get a ' high street ' mortgage ??? we have two small satisfied ccj's ( less than £200 each ) from 2007...........
  4. Something must be happening ......... I got a statement of Account for an old Abbey account that had over £1000.00 in bank charges going back about five years or so. There was a credit to the account in May 2009 bring the account to - £93.00 very strange .
  5. £295 is a brill fee. There web site states £2700 which is what we would have been charged. Maybe depends on the deal you are offered. I am happy to stay put for al least 6 months. By then the market should have settled and who knows might get all my bank charges back to !!!
  6. Is beacon the only lender you can go with ? I am going to hold off hopefully till next april or may ( if libor stays low ) then we will have clear credit file . I am just interested to see why beacon have taken sooooo long to send us an offer out. its beyond redicilous now. First applied in June !! if defaults are ignored as they state then why take soooo long. There rates are pretty good for subprime. I think things will have to change as so many people are going to have marks on their credit file due to the credit crunch so hopefully they will start to be abit more lenient re old defaults etc.
  7. rate we were being offered was 6.15 fix which wasn't too bad , but the sting in the tail is the £2700 arrangement fee ?? does seem steep. How much adverse are you talking about .........
  8. Have you had any sign of an offer yet ???? nothing at all at our end. I have told our broker to forget it .......... Our present mortgage is linked to libor plus 2.50 % ( which is very very low ) at present . This means our mortgage is about £350.00 just now. If it stays low for about 6 months then we will be able to get a hight street lender hopefully as our credit file will be clear of defaults. Broker thinks we should still hold out for offer ??? Beacons fee is £2700 Hopefully we are making the right decision............
  9. We are in the same position. The application wnet through in June and it is really crazy that they run put of money by the third week of every month !! hence why they fob you off with more questions ie a way of them to stall the completion. Do you have to go to beacon. ? I am seriously deciding to pull our paperwork back and sit tight on our libor rate plus 2.5% ( maybe for the next few months ) as I don't see libor jumping too high in the near future. This would give us a squeeky clean credit report and should let us go mainstream ......... ??
  10. We are trying to remortage also. Their is not much choice at all if you have past credit problems................ The government will have to come up with something as in years to come more and more people will have a tarnished credit file ............... so where do they go for a mortgage. Nearly all subprime have closed their books..............
  11. Why do you think you were robbed ? Their fee is 2% of loan. Our fees would be £2700 Broker still thinks we should hold off for their mortgage offer. I am VERY unsure what to do......... at the moment we are paying redstone 4.79% this will reduce next month to 0.5 libor plus 2.5% The new deal would be 6.25 for three years and the hefty fee of £2700 I still think we might be able to get a better deal. Other option is staying on the new rate that we will be on from Sept - Dec and then if the libor is still low then dec - april The extra cash could be saved to reduce the overall mortgage........... ??? Anyone any thoughts
  12. Broker said we could not get deal with any other company because of credit history. We wanted to remortgage and take extra to purchase a car for hubby. i was getting really fed up with it taking so long that I decided to try and get finance for the car through a dealer as within the last few months ( the time its taken to remortgage ) our credit file has changed quite a bit............. and to my surprise got finance for car no problrm through main dealer........... i have now told broker to cancel mortgage deal as by the end of the year both our credit files will be clear and we should get a really good deal through a main stream lender......
  13. We have been approved for a remortgage with Beacon Homeloans. We are now 10 weeks down the line and still no formal mortgage offer !! I think the way the mortgage market is at the moment all lenders are really digging deep with regards to your past credit history and the affordability of the new mortgage.......................... The underwriters are constantly coming back time and time again asking for various different things. I am really hoping the offer will come out this week. Has anyone else had any dealings with them ??
  14. We are with redstone at present and the payments are actually in advance. We have a credit score of 789 most defaults ready to drop off this year. 2 ccj's satisfied 2007 . Problem is we are looking to purchase new car but finding it hard to get the loan for it. We are considering doing it through our mortgage. I know that redstone cannot lend any more money , But if at a last resort woulod we be able to secure a loan on the property ?? Interest would be so much cheaper. Wasn't sure if we could do it as they are just administrators for the mortgage.
  15. Any idea if there are any ' sub-prime ' lenders still willing to lend ?? Our credit file has 2 ccj's and a few defaults so I know that we will not get a high street mortgage. Who is left ???? we are free to remortgage........
  16. I got my credit report through from equifax and find that Barclays have slapped two defaults for two accounts that are in dispute re bank charges. Do you think I will be able to request the removal of the defaults due to the fact that it is soley bank charges. ??
  17. Hi I sent away for credit file paying the £2.00 fee I won my cases with active capital ( GE Money ) after taking them to court. I got a letter fom my lawyer stating that GE Money had debited the money to the two accounts ( new look ) and debenhams ) which would reduce the balance owed to them. This was approx 4 - 6 weeks ago When I look at the credit file the reduction to the accounts hasn't been done and they have put a default on both accounts in 2007 . I do not recall receiving a copy of the defaults ? Can I ask for a copy and if they can't can I request that they be removed from my file ???
  18. I know what is on my credit file. It was adviser at citizens advice that stated that that the debt plan might show up on the das register . ( debt arrangement scheme ) I wasn't sure what she meant when she said it might show up when we go to remortgage. ???
  19. Will a debt arrangement scheme ( DAS ) show up on my credit file when applying for a mortgage. Some debts have fallen off credit file , some are not even on the file.
  20. Hi I am looking for advice. We are going to mortgage in the next few months ( waiting till defaults fall off credit file ) We went through citizens advice nearly two years ago and they arranged a debt management plan which has been fab. My main worry is that the advisor reckoned that the paln would show up on the ' das ' register when we remortgage. The debts are not showing on the credit file ......................
  21. Has anyone had dealings with GO direct mortgage brokers ?
  22. Hi Even going back to 2007 the claim amount was stated 10% OR £150 . It has now gone up to £180.00 I suppose they are just protecting themselves in case your claim is for very little money. Hope this helps. Did they settle any claims for you yet ?
  23. Just phoned to see what our rate will be for the next quarter. Yipeeeee down another £193 per month. We are def going to stay with redstone for the next few months at least . This will allow some defaults to fall off our credit file., enabling us to get a better rate with high street lender
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