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  1. thankyou. I will write to Phil Newland (CEO) and make a complaint to the ICO
  2. I had a bill from Inter-credit international demanding £275 for an outstanding water bill on behalf of south staffs water. I paid it in full on 31/3/17 as it was an oversight. However, they have not passed the payment on to SSW. They are being very awkward and wont help me trace the payment. I spoke to SSW today and they confirmed they HAVE NOT passed my account onto Inter-credit??? why did Intercredit have my details? Is this a breach of Data Protection? provided SSW with the bank acct and sort code and bacs ref again and they said they would sort it out, eventually. But i don't know what to think - can anyone offer any advice please? Thanks
  3. hi i have now received this:
  4. i dont really know which one, you are correct i used the term vt loosely. i couldn't make the payments, i called them they told me to take the car to a drop off point with the documents, they then sold it at auction. i will post the full credit agreement for you. thanks
  5. i voluntarily surrendered the car which was then sold at auction for £1821.
  6. no, nothing like that and i definately voluntarily surrendered the car.
  7. I have told them i will only communicate in writing not ovr the phone.
  8. Hi There was absolutely no damage to the car as it was hardly driven to be honest. Thanks
  9. Hi, i have just had a call - mackenzie hall have now sold the debt onto Idem. I told them i have sent a SAR to blackhorse and am awaiting a reply. Thanks
  10. I am sending a SAR to them. the reply was a bit confusing because it states 'payments only i believe' then says 'you've paid more than half so they can go swivel!!' I will let your know how i get on with the SAR. Thanks for your help
  11. Hi Its a hire purchase agreement. Thanks
  12. I bought a car via black horse in march 2011. the amount of credit shown on th credit agreement is £5499.85 over 60 months. I VT'd due to loss of employment in jan 2013 after making £2859.89 worth of payments. The car was auctioned for £1821. My halfway payment on the agreement shows as £4611.22. so total received by BH is £4680.89 (more than the halfway payment) I am now being chased for £1203 by mackenzie hall. My question is can i include the sold price to the halfway point or is it payments only? also, they have charged me a £25 'repossession fee' i thought it was supposed to be free. I've looked but cant find the answer to question 1 anywhere. I'm hoping someone here can clear this up for me before i start contacting them. Thankyou
  13. thankyou for your reply, i shall get in touch with the family credit.
  14. Hi my husband (a self employed builder) has had no work now for 2 months. i started a part time job in november 08 (15 hours) and this is our only scource of income at the moment. however, i started a sewing business in june and at the moment earn virtually nothing (i mean nothing!). we get £500 per month family credit and have 3 children, we claim no other benefits and have a mortgage. What i want to know is do i contact the family credit people about this? i am afraid to in case they stop that money as well. are we entitled to anything else. we have managed so far as we thought he may get some work. however, that is looking increaslingly unlikely so i feel the time has come to investigate. any advice would be greatly appreciated - thankyou.
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