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  1. Hi all, first post and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ok here goes all my banking is donr through the Bank of Scotland, current and business accounts a mortgage and a loan. I wrote to them on the first of May this year asking for my bank statements for the last five years. My business account sent me the relivent info within 7 days as yet I still haven't heard back from my personal account. After a quick tally up I have had £650 of penalty charges on my business account in the last five years, I don't yet have the info from my personal account but I'm expecting it to be a good bit higher. I now have a business and a personal account open with the RBS but still have the mortgage and loan with the BOS. Searching through the vast ammount of info available on this subject on the internet I came across a case where a bank made a customer repay a loan immediatly for reclaiming bank charges. Can they do this with a mortgage? Should I wait till I have re-mortgaged and then start a claim?
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