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  1. Thank you Peter... i will do. I'll let you know what happens!!
  2. Thank you peter your an angel! I'm just unsure of the following things: What do i need to take with me apart from my original court bundle? Do i have to read my case out in kind of a points format, i.e. point 1 point 2 etc... If so shall i read bits out from the court bundle? Argh!!!! Liz
  3. Thanks for your reply, Will give this a go!!
  4. Hi Thank you for that.. I rang the court and they said it is too late to apply for the defence to be thrown out and i said i should do it on monday...is this correct do you think?? I'm panicking now!! Also when you said about the test case what do you mean? The only things i have in my bundle are: Charge schedule, Basis of charge, Relevant case law summary, Early day motion, Dunlop v new garage, utccr 1999, utca 1977, soga 1982 and OFT summary. Please help!!
  5. Hi I'm in court on monday, does anyone know where i stand is barclays have not send me or the court any paperwork? I have been advised by barclays that they will be applying for a stay but if i apply for their defence to be thrown out (whatever that is) which will come first?? Oh dear...very nervous!
  6. Hi I am in exactly the same position as you... I am in court on monday and have not recieved any thying form barclays. I have seen that you can apply for there defence to be thrown out as there ahve not complied with the rules but i'm not sure how this stands for us now that ther are going to aplly for a stall. Have you found out anything else? I will keep you informed if i do...
  7. Hello Please could you give me your thoughts... I am in court on Monday against barclays and i am expecting them to apply for a stall however i have just realised that they haven't sent any of there paperwork to me. I then rang the court to ask if it has ben sent to them and they said they have recieved nothing either. Can i apply for the defence to be thrown out even though there will be applying for a stall?? If i can how do i apply for a defence (really scared now!!) Thank you in advance for any advice
  8. HI Fleur I couldn't believe my luck when i have just read your story .. I must be a week behind you with barclays. Got my date through and was wondering where to go form here. From your story i think i will definitely ring barclays tomorrow and see what happens. .. it is all a bit scary though!! Where did you get your information from to put together your court bundle or did you not even have to go that far? It is my first time on this site today and its been so helpful Wish me luck for tomorrow! Arghh!!
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