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  1. I checked by bank account this evening and SP have decided to take over £600. I recently moved house from rented to mortgaged. I transferred my account from the rented property knowing I had £600 winter debt I put up my monthly DD. I have mail redirection from the rented property to come to my new property and therefore can safety say I have received no correspondence to state this will happen. I am now financially insecure for the rest of the month because of this and not very happy. Can SP do this to me without any warning. If they would have sent a letter I would have contacted them to discuss further. Please help!!
  2. I have just checked my serial numbers on the Electric is a match but the gas has a discrepancy with the actual number on the meter being S221350 but the bill states 0021350. I take it that this is the same number? The meter reading were taken when we signed up and an updated reading was given on Friday just gone.
  3. As a customer services company who are being paid for the use of their business are they not responsible to ensure that this type of thin doesn't happen.Of course if this was any other business would you not take them to court for breach of contract due to not providing a suitable service consummate with the law. Yes i understand that i have used they energy however had they fulfilled their obligation to ensure i account was correct i wouldn't be in this situation. Its not like i tried to hide the fact i hadn't paid as it was me who was constantly chasing them up to sort this out. I am serious considering not paying them and see if they suck it up!!
  4. Hi was wondering whether someone could advise me please. Below may be long but bear with me. I moved into my rental property back in Sept 12. After contacting NPower to carry on supplying the property they informed us that it wasn't them previously. After contact Southern Power they informed us to check the suppliers website and low and behold NPower supplied the property. We contacted NPower again to then be told it was them. We set up the account for Dual Fuel and the Direct Debit to what we normally pay which was £120 pcm. Thought nothing of it and a DD went out for only £40 but thought this was a part payment. During this period we still received mail from NPower for the previous tenant after contacting them on numerous occasions i was told to return the letters back to them and after a month they would stop. . It wasn't until December that i noticed no payment for Nov was taken and none for December itself. Contacted NPower to find out the account hadn't been created correctly and that it still appeared in the previous tenants name. I was told they would correct it. On the 27 Dec i received a letter from Debt Collectors for the previous occupiers. I again contacted NPower to verbally complain about the service received. I was told that the account still hadn't been recreated correctly and that it would be corrected. I spent a fair amount of this day discussing this issue. Again in Jan 13 no payment went out so contacted them again. I spoke to the Customer Services Onwatch Manager who apologised and assured me that the direct debit would be set up for £120 as discussed. I also discussed the outstanding amount from Oct 12 and was told that my account was currently not showing this amount. I waited until Feb 13 and no payment was taken this time i contacted the Complaints Dept and spoke with them. I discussed my concerns about a large bill due to there incompetence and was basically told to suck it up!! The DD was created but i was told it would be Apr 13 before the first payment would be taken. Low and behold a week later a payment of £120 was taken which crippled me for the next month. I contacted Ofgem who told me to write a complaint before they would it involved. I wrote my letter and received a response to contact them. This i did and got a slightly different response to last time contacted them. They apologised stated that the amount from Sep 12 - Feb 13 was not showing on the account and offered £40 as compensation for my trouble. I received a few bills and all was normal until today when i received a bill for nearly £900. I contacted them today and the initial response was "and what do you want me to do about it" however after giving them new readings i was told there was nothing they could do until a new bill was generated. I also informed them that my husband was about to lose his job on the 16 Jul 13. What can I do?? I begrudge pay these clowns as i feel they are at least 75% responsible for this. I was the one doing all the chasing after all.
  5. I have looked at the T&C and no mention of cancelling under medical grounds. I will try my luck anyway and let you know.
  6. Slick 132 Thanks for you advice. I will check the T&C and if possible write to LA Fitness. I will repost for further guidance if not stated in T&C. Kindest regards
  7. Hi I was wondering whether somebody could assist me in the following. My wife took out gym membership with LA Fitness in December 11. This was done with good intentions, she has suffered with chronic depression since Oct 08 with one of the reasons being a lack of self confidence in her body image. Initially she was excited at joining but since December she has been 3 times as her depression became worse and anyone who knows about the condition will know that motivation becomes none existent. She re-tried in April but could only muster one attendance at the gym. I am currently paying for a gym membership after she signed a contract which i think she was not in the right frame of mind. Where do we stand on cancelling this contract. Kind regards
  8. Hi Can anyone clarify the following for me?? On the 22 Aug 07 i received a letter form the solicitors representing Lloyds TSB offeriing a goodwill gesture for the full amount. Within this letter it also stated the OFT test case and that within the near future all cases will be stayed until the test case completion. On the 30 Aug 07 i received a letter stating that the case had been stayed though i originally refused there first request. As i had not heard anything from the either parties i contacted the solictors today and they have stated that due to the test case being proven in favour of the banks this case was effectively over. Even though the bank had offered to pay me the sum and i had formally accepted. To me this was obviously not a goodwill gesture in the first place... Is this right?
  9. On the 18 July 07 the SC&M failed to submit their AQ meaning i had won by default. On the 24 August 07 i received another order from the court stating that the bank had until the 4 September 07 to submit their AQ again. On the same day as the second order i received a letter from SC&M stating that the banks were willing to settle out of court for the full amount as a goodwill gesture. Which i was obviously going to accept. However today i have recieved a second letter from SC&M requesting a stay and whether or not i am in agreement to a stay of these proceedings. I am really confused on three accounts: I had won on the 18 July 07 which the court confirmed by telephone but no paperwork was sent out from the court. This decision was made before the OFT made their decision to take the banks to court. The offer to settle in full was made 7 days ago without any mention of a stay. What does this stay mean. Does the offer still stand or as this been withdrawn as it sin't really clear in the second letter. Should i accept the stay or refuse to accept. Please help.
  10. This is a slightly complex situation but please bear with me and hopefully it will make sense. I was up until April this year paying for my Phone and Broadband as two seperate accounts. I had a great offer the previous year for free digital TV for one year and this was nearing the end of this free peroid. I decided to change to one of Virgin Medias' 3 for £30 packages taking the one for Phone Broadband and Digital TV. On swapping over the i asked the Customer Services representive what i should do with the Broadband direct debit as this would still remain active at £18. I was told to cancel this accordingly. Everything was fine until today when i couldn't log on. I telephoned them only to find out that my broadband account had been suspended due to a debt of £55 was on the account. After much discussion I stated I wanted to to speak to a Customer Services Manager which i did. This was quite a revelation. On signing up for broadband i should have received e-bills by email. Nearly five years ago i moved house. At my old house i had broadband through my set top box. On moving i couldn't afford digital television so i took up the option of having broadband by cable modem. I had an absolute nightmare trying to link to my old account, so much so the tech people at NTL had to create a completely new account. When i asked why i had not been told that my account was in debt i was told that emails had been sent. The email address they sent it to was for the old account, and in fact i hadn't received any e-bills for the last 5 years. Also i was slightly concerend to find out that the though it is a package deal the broadband was still a seperate account and therefore paid seperately. The manager agreed that i had been misinformed and should not have cancelled my direct debit as this was still required to collect payment. However she then stated that on the bill sent for the Phone and TV, broadband is not included. I replied that a) It is not clearly stated that broadband is omitted on this bill due to so many credited and debited amount under the service charge section. Under no circumstances does it say deduction for broadband or words to this effect. b) my bills have been on average between £35 - £45. This is a normal range for my Virgin bill be with the broadband included so why would i think there was any difference or problem. Basically the partyline was i have had the service so i need to pay for it. My complaint is that there was some fundamental flaws in their system these are a) Being told by incompetent staff to cancel my direct debit when i should have left it running. b) My email address not being changed when i old account became dysfunctional. I wasn't aware that i should have been e-billed in the first place. c) Why a letter wasn't sent to my home address that payment wasn't met in the first instance. This could have been addressed immediately. Now i am £55 out of pocket. The manager agreed that i was misinformed and that the email account should have been changed however i would be required to pay the sum of £55 to reactivate the account. Should Virgin waivered this charge as i feel that they are at fault for this. Kind regards Jason Brynes
  11. On the 18 July 07 Lloyds TSB failed to submit their AQ and Statement of Evidence to the court. On the 20 July i telephoned the court to confirm whether i had won by default, which i had and was subsequently told i should recieve an order in the next 3 weeks. I waited for 4 weeks still nothing. I contacted the court again only to be told that nothing had been actioned as it had been filed away. It has now been nearly 5 weeks and still nothing. With the OFT now getting involved has this delayed the process even though i had won before this was announced.
  12. On the 18 July 07 Lloyds TSB failed to submit their AQ and Statement of Evidence to the court. On the 20 July i telephoned the court to confirm whether i had won by default, which i had and was subsequently told i should recieve an order in the next 3 weeks. I waited for 4 weeks still nothing. I contacted the court again only to be told that nothing had been actioned as it had been filed away. It has now been nearly 5 weeks and still nothing. With the OFT now getting involved has this delayed the process even though i had won before this was announced.
  13. Thankyou. Hope you receive your cheque. if not get the bailiffs in.
  14. Thank you. Hope you get your cheque. If not send the bailiffs in!!
  15. I sent my AQ nearly 4 weeks ago with a detailed summary stating that i would send all evidence within 14 days of the AQ which i duly did, however i expected Lloyds to do the same. Received General Form of Judgement or Order today stating that "the court has made this order on it's own initiative persuant to rule 3.3 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 ordering Lloyds to file their evidence with 7 days or there case will be struck out. I think i might be nearly there....hopefully.
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