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  1. From today's Insurance Times. http://www.insurancetimes.co.uk/story.aspx?source=itNews&storycode=1394260 Penalty will apply to companies with more than 25 cases The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is planning to introduce a £350 surcharge for each case of mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). If implemented, the charge will apply to companies that have more than 25 cases. It will come on top of an existing £500-per-case charge. The charge is being proposed to cope with the costs of handling the rising number of PPI mis-selling cases. The FOS reported in a new
  2. Another damning report on this seedy outfit. Lovely picture of Amany Attia! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1363323/RECKLESS-AND-RUTHLESS-Files-aggressive-lenders-peddled-mortgages-borrowers-afford-pursued-failed-meet-payments.html
  3. Even though you do not have cat insurance per se, you may have family liabilities cover under a contents and/or buildings insurance policy, IF you were held legally liable. However, I have previously heard that there is NO human responsibility for a cat's actions. However, if you have such insurance, it's worth reporting the allegation in case something arrives on your doorstep in the future, but DO NOT mention anything to the aggrieved neighbour at all.
  4. See here:- http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/jump2?catId=400040&mediaId=600010
  5. Love the typos in the image on post 22 Siliverpoint, Sliverpoint, make your minds up guys! However, on reflection, Sliverpoint seems quite apt!
  6. Here's one to provoke some comments! http://www.thisisdevon.co.uk/news/Anger-cars-garage-forecourts-towed-away/article-2654311-detail/article.html
  7. Sutherland, "Could a bank set off funds from a joint account against a debt or account for which only one of the joint account holders is liable? Does this happen?" Yes they could and they do - LTSB in particular. Mrs H and myself have individual credit cards in arrears that LTSB have dipped into our joint account, not once but twice last week and have then individually written to both of us to say if they are challenged by either one of us as to why this money has been debited, they will have no option but to tell the other party - rather flies in the face of the DPA! But then
  8. I went down the route of a CA a year or so ago, my former employer paid the 'lion's share' of MY Solicitors Invoice. A Solicitor is obligatory. A copy of my future reference was agreed and put on file for use when required. The CA can just about absolve the former employer of just about every future claim possible! Interesting link here:- http://www.personneltoday.com/articles/2006/11/07/38032/compromise-agreements.html
  9. Take photos of the car for your own records, sell the car and then cancel the insurance. Making sure that you have the new purchaser to complete the appropriate 'strip' on the V5c registration document. Then cancel the car insurance policy. The Broker/Insurer MUST cancel the policy then since you no longer have an 'insurable interest' in that vehicle - to offer insurance on the subject vehicle thereafter would be an unlawful contract!
  10. ...and detailed as a significant exclusion in their 'Key Facts' document. http://www.zenith.gi/Private_car_keyfacts.pdf
  11. Have a look at page 10 of their policy document here:- http://www.zenith.gi/Private_car_policy_06.09.pdf
  12. DLA Piper asserted that the mortgage carried a clause allowing the Abbey to reclaim from myself all costs and expenses and the costs of defending any legal proceedings (Yes, including defending themselves against Mrs Helford and myself) and they then stuck a caveat on, 'Such costs not to exceeed £5000'. We pressed on regardless! I just 'tweaked' the bank charge reclaim letter at the time.
  13. I took on Abbey Mortgages over two years ago for unfair arrears and failed DD charges. Abbey settled upon receipt of court date. Abbey appointed their muppets (DLA Piper) to put in a defence and tried to frighten me off with a counter claim of £5,000 etc. All hot air! Abbey couldn't wait to send me their cheque!
  14. Have a look here http://www.bdl.org.uk/images/16_ew_hirepurchasedebt.pdf H
  15. Hi Blossomandebony, I did this against the Abbey over two years ago, Abbey couldn't wait to settle in full before the court date, their 'goons' DLA Piper made all the threats about a counterclaim for £5,000 plus their costs prior - all a lot of hot air. Personally, very satisfying!
  16. Have a look here, CPF might be a little sensative at the moment! BBC News - Taxi driver wins back late payment fees
  17. Delivery driver who murdered wife and daughters before hanging himself 'had money worries' and was £7,000 in debt Read more: Father Andrew Case who murdered wife and daughters before hanging himself 'had money worries' | Mail Online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Hi, Not my area of expertise, but have a look at section 8 on this link:- http://www.lexmundi.com/images/lexmundi/PracticeGroups/RealEstate/Survey4/Scotland.pdf H
  19. Honeybee, BR tax code is indeed basic rate, but WITHOUT any personal allowances, so worth pursuing! Do not use their rip off helpline numbers!
  20. Hi Huw, Have you actually spoken with Direct Line with regard to this incident? I only ask as Direct Line may a big play in their adverts of cover/benefits when hit by an uninsured motorist etc. See here:- Car Insurance | Uninsured Drivers Promise from Direct Line
  21. The number of points awarded by the court should be declared to your insurer at the first available opportunity, together with the date of the offence, the court conviction date and the offence code. The effect on the renewal premium? - How long is a piece of string? There are a thousand and one variables here. Bottom line, the court conviction is a material fact and must be declared. H
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