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  1. Thanks guys! I can see that it is probably best to let the anger about the situation subside before I go any further, and I think that your suggestion of a letter would be best. I wouldn't be able to afford a defamation case by the looks of it, but I will think about getting a solicitor to write him... unfortunately he is a very petty person and would probably retaliate in some way!! Again, thank you for your advice
  2. It was signed by him, and although it makes references to me... being the only person it could possibly be in reference to... it doesn't actually say my name. For example, it says that the employee had just left and was on a bonus pay scheme, which can only apply to me.
  3. Hi I need some advice about a problem ex-boss... I have found out through an ex-colleague that my previous boss sent a letter to a company we were doing work for, saying that I falsley claimed money from them. As I earned a % monthly bonus on any income for the company, he told them I abused it and claimed extra money so that my bonus would increase. This isn't true and I don't know what to do about it. Whilst working there, he bullied and was inappropriate with staff. He would call me into the office and yell at me if we hadn't invoiced enough that month etc etc. He came into the office and bawled me out one day because he couldn't afford to pay the wages, and then told another member of staff he had just bought a £2,500 watch out of the company account. The final straw for me was when he asked me to claim money through a training scheme for his new porche cayenne, his holiday home in Bulgaria and some money he wanted to give to his mother. I left immediately and didn't go back. It was then that he sent the letter. I am worried that as I didn't report any of the underhand things he was doing, and that I left so suddenly, that it makes me look guilty. Does anyone know what I should do?
  4. I haven't heard anything from them at all. I just wondered if sending them an offer letter or something would move them along a bit... I thought it was strange that I haven't even received an acknowledgment to my original letter, and I know they received the letter as I have the proof of recorded delivery.
  5. Thank you! HSBC never replied to my original letter which I sent in April, hence the court claim. Would you suggest I inform them of the claim and make an offer? To be honest I'd be happy with 85%. I just want to claim most of the money back and close the account!
  6. Thank you! I'm a natural born panicker and I forsee some weight being lost over this
  7. Hi everyone I filed my claim online today with Money Claim Online. I'm now a bit worried that I should have sent the forms by post... I was expecting to have to include claim information with it, like a breakdown of charges etc but there was no request to do so. Do I just have to wait? Also, I was thinking of sending HSBC a letter to inform them that I've filed and that I'd be willing to accept a reduced amount. What do you think? I'm kind of wishing I'd come here first!!
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