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  1. Wonder if anyone can help, currently I've got a claim in for refund of PPI premiums on a credit card I had between approximately 1994 and 2004. I was unable to find a card number and put in a DPA subject access request which they returned with my £10 postal order. Fortunately my wife found an old receipt with the card number on it and I've now started my claim with RBS, question is are they likely to pay up after this length of time? Second Question - I know there are lots of late payment charges on this account along with premiums paid to an income protection scheme they ran which should apparently never have been sold to me as I had a pre-existing condition that was declared and which meant I would never receive a payout. Someone told me to write to RBS at Thanet Grange to reclaim these, is it worth my while or just a waste of a stamp? Thanks in advance
  2. Have already put in a SAR in mid April, they wrote back this week saying without details of the CC or account number they have no way of locating this. I'm wondering if I've made a mistake by putting on my initial subject access request that I was seeking a refund of PPI premiums and unfair card charges. If i'd just made the SAR and not put any reason for the request do you think it would have saved this hassle albeit it's adding on time I am having to waste trying to resolve their mismanagement
  3. Can anyone tell me if this approach would work: Cant find the card or account number of my RBS credit card as closed for a few years now, possibly over 6. Was able to claim back PPI premiums from RBS loan used to pay off credit card. If they can identify I paid the premiums, would they also have details of the CC account the money was paid into to clear the balance?? Thanks in advance for any help
  4. I had thought of this and have already received a refund of PPI premiums from RBS on the loan that was used to pay off the balance and settle the account. Presumably if they could check that far back on the loan I would have thought they hav details of the account the loan was payed into as thgis was all carried out in the bank with my local manager present. I believe that as soon as the loan funds were in my account they were transferred immediately to my credit card account. I take it the information may be available that way? Additionally and I may be wrong, I thought information held on individuals by banks was held electronically for more than 6 years. My apologies if this sounds muddled but I'm no good at all this money stuff
  5. Hi there I wonder if anyone could help or advise if I'm asking in the right forum. I attempted to put in a claim for the refund of PPI and excess charges by RBS credit cards. As the account was closed in 2005 and I have no paperwork relating to the card I subsequently made a subject access request for information held on me under DPA. The bank has taken 60 days to write back to me including the postal order I sent and have advised that they are unable to provide this information unless I supply card or account details. I'm no expert but would have thought that any organisation holding information under the Act is almost certainly going to be able to locate the detail I require based name, address, contact details which have never changed and approximate dates the card was taken out and account settled. Can anyone advise if this is correct or if the bank are just being difficult bearing in mind this is likely to be a substantial sum of money owed. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  6. Can someone please help me with this. I've contacted RBS Credit cards in an attempt to obtain my old card number, with a view to reclaiming PPI premiums. The bank have written back to me to say unless I can provide my account or card number they are unable to trace my details. I checked the template library and found the SAR request template and would like to know if this format is still appropriate for use. I know there would have been plenty of the unfair charges on this but don't know if you can still claim for these so would any part of the letter need to be edited to suit? Any advice greatly appreciated
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