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  1. don't apologise!. far as I can see you did nothing wrong, worse then being at school here.... for goodness sake.
  2. Hedgey!!! well done on your promotion to site helper hun we love ya to bit's don't you become a stranger now ya hear! Take care Tempty xx
  3. Hedgey you'll get there hun, Cobler are bogged down atm, some kind of bug going round apparently! so it may be worth giving them a buz in a couple of day's just to chase it
  4. After last weeks shananagans I've finaly managed to get my head together enough to write to coblers! I think this covers everything I want to say at this point, let me know if there's anything I've left out (or should have left out). Dear Lynsey Burgoyne In an effort to keep negotiations open at this point I am willing to provide you with all information I have to date in support of my claim against your client Natwest Bank PLC. I had previously tried to resolve this matter directly with your client to no avail. In fact Natwest offered no communication until after I had filled my request to reclaim charges with the court! I feel I must take this opportunity to inform you of my decision to amend my claim. This in part is due to a failure on behalf of Natwest to provide a complete list of all information when requested to do so. I have included a copy of an email sent to Mr. Higley on the 11th June at customer relations, as it explains my reasons for wishing to submit an amendment to claim via form N244. I am awaiting communication from my local court before I submit this form. I have also included for your records the revised schedule of charges containing the true and total amount that I now wish to reclaim. I would like to bring to your attention the section of the email relating to Benefits paid into the account! And to the law protecting these benefits Tax Credits Act 2002. 45 Inalienability (1) Every assignment of or charge on a tax credit, and every agreement to assign or charge a tax credit, is void; and, on the bankruptcy of a person entitled to a tax credit, the entitlement to the tax credit does not pass to any trustee or other person acting on behalf of his creditors. (2) In the application of subsection (1) to Scotland- (a) the reference to assignment is to assignation ("assign" being construed accordingly), and (b) the reference to the bankruptcy of a person is to the sequestration of his estate or the appointment on his estate of a judicial factor under section 41 of the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980 (c. 46). I can and will provide proof in the form of full statements in support of this serious breech of the law on Natwests part If and When I am requested to do so by the court. As you will also notice in my mail! I have since had to take out a personal loan with Natwest to clear “Debt to this Bank” A Debt the bank themselves created by taking funds that were legally protected!! I feel that I was left no choice but to accept the loan to protect any further funds being levied from my account, leaving me without the funds to provide even basic necessities for my family!. I am seriously considering given the banks behavior bringing this complaint to the Financial Ombudsman for their consideration. I would also like to take this opportunity to Decline an offer made by your client directly, dated 5th June and thus not in response to my communication by mail on the 11th June. The offer is not given as an admission of liability of error! And has been offered as full and final settlement of my complaint, as a gesture of goodwill. The amount being offered is £3,005.00 paid directly into my account. While I am willing to accept this amount, I will not accept it as full and final settlement And will only accept it as part payment and will continue pursue the full amount now standing at £5,608.87 inc 8% interest (the standard the court will award) + court fees (currently standing at £120) If your clients are unable to agree that this amount is made as part payment then I shall decline the offer entirely and continue my claim through the court process. Finally I have also included my response to your request for CPR part 18. I hope the information I have provided Clarifies my position. I look forward to your future communications Yours Faithfully Mrs. Tempty
  5. absolutly, work to your time scale not theirs! it's not your fault if they don't have enough staff to do with the problems they've created in the first place by taking all our money unlawfully
  6. yup, the next stage is to file your claim at court! at this point you can add the 8% interest
  7. That's fantastics news green hubby has read through the site a bit now and is back on side Lol. specially after last couple of day's! he want's me to go for it now
  8. right doc's have been called. gotta wait for the duty doc to call me back, may have to pop into local hospital for check up by the sounds of it. Hubby in a prety bad way this morning..... think he's worse off then me... poor hubby
  9. lol sitting here with hot towel wraped round my neck! gotta take youngest to school in a min, so i'm trying to free it up Hehe. loads of pain killers me thinks..... that's the ticket
  10. am waiting for doc's to open, will give em a call I think and see what they say. if they want us to come in and get checked out, that's what we'll do
  11. morning enaid very sore, back not as painfull as it was yesterday, but neck feel like it want's to drop off..... not nice....... have decided I don't want to be in another car crash...... they make you hurty
  12. If I were in your position! I would remind them of them of your recent win, regarding previous charges. If you went through courts procces the last time, a "gentle" reminder that you are not afraid of the procces may well be enough to get them to refund. if not.... threaten to start over again. that's just my personal opinion.... gotta be worth a try... they use enough scare tatics on us after all. Good luck Tempty
  13. Lol can't even begin to imagine fendy speechless glad you had a good time hun
  14. Blimey really!!! well I'll get checked out, but I'm not gonna say I've got whiplash unless I really have, It's just not in to lie about it. would be nice to get a little something though. anyway, I really gotta get out of this chair, getting quite uncomfortable now. think I may go for a nice long soak in the bath! catch you tomorrow nighty nightxx
  15. Ooooo looky I have a guest! ........ wonder if it's cobbets?? here's something to take back to yer clients. example of how a company "should" work Auto Trader Insurance......... oh your in trouble.......... ok mrs Tempty......sit back and relax..... let us take care of it!!! Natwest........oh your in trouble......sit back while we make it WORSE LOL
  16. Miss whiplash pmsl ok that did the trick I'm laughing now did check out insurance as suggested! can't claim anything for the machine itself.... was to old, but can claim for food! probably won't bother, as food loss was minimal. discoved it was'nt working before it actually stoped working.... if ya know what i mean! have tempreture sensor in fridge, when it said it was to warm, we pulled it out and discovered a pool of coolant on the floor behind it.
  17. evening Enaid hun, I see ya hiding there
  18. oh well, we were thinking of changing the car eventually...... just had'nt planed to do it just yet LOL
  19. thanks for the hug hun, must admit feeling pretty low, but I'll be ok was pretty funny watching the front end of his car totaly fall apart when we tried to seperate them, my tow bar had compleatly dissapeared inside his car Lol like I said gotta laugh or I'll cry
  20. Thanks Steven nice to know there are some companies out there, that DO take care of their customers!!....... are you listening NATWEST!!!!! maybe you should take a leaf out of AUTO TRADER INSURANCE 's book...... true super star's
  21. well good new's is I found a freezer can't get it till saurday though, but no biggie! Also have to have the damn thing delived as some idiot decided he could'nt find his brake pedal and drove at 20 mph straight into the back of us while we were waiting at the traffic lights!!!!. Can my luck really get any worse....... no don't answer that. Needless to say both hubby and I are now feeling rather sorry for ourselves, both of us suffering with very sore necks (felt perfectly ok at the time though) so looks like it's a trip to the doc's for both of us, just to get checked out. car looks like it'll be a write off as the rear has been shunted forward about an inch and has 2 big creases down the sides. Have to say though insurance company have been diamonds.... within 3 hours of calling them I have a brand spankers mondeo delivered to the door as replacement till mine either gets repaird (doubtfull!) or written off and we get paid for it, They have booked a call for solicitors to contact us (now at the time i called them, i thought that was a bit over the top.....we felt fine) pretty glad about that now. Also Recieved a call from them an hour ago to say they've contacted the 3rd party and that our car will be picked up some time tomorrow. So have to say was impressed. feel like sh*t, can't believe our bad luck! was just very gratefull we did'nt have the kids in the car at the time. intend to get very, very, drunk later (need to laugh, or I'm seriously gonna cry!) hope you all had a better day
  22. Morning Gang well no big supprise, did'nt get any reply from my mail to Mr higley, so it's onward and upward we go will be sending a letter of rejection to natwest today regarding the £3000 offer, and will also be sending out a mail to cobbets containing a copy of rejection letter, copy of mail sent to mr higley, respone to CPR 18 (as in don't need it, stop bugging me LOL) and cover letter stateing my intent to file a N244 (as soon as I hear from courts) and of course new copy of schedule! ...... phew that little lot should keep me busy for a bit!!! first job though.......... gotta go buy another fridge/freezer then go recover me grub from up the road in my friends house! Thank god for small mercies in that we have a car big enough to pick one up ourselves!.......... saves £25 delivery!! and means I can at least get it sorted today!!!....... providing I can find one to fit in the damn hole in the first place LOL oh well catch you later girls bye for now xx
  23. That's fantastic news congratulations on your win, veryvery pleased for you
  24. Relax, listen to fendy honey, belive me after yesterday I know exactly how you feel! Cobbets are good at sending out the intimidation, just ignore it and wait for the courts to notify you. and remember you're not alone hun
  25. LOl well it's good to know I'm not a lonely nut then I can allways count on on you nutters to out nut me anytime LOL and don't deny it I just caught sight of Fendys thread pmsl I'm gonna have to love ya and leave ya for tonight, thanks for the pick me up girls my friends just arrived with another bottle...... how can i refuse that eh? have a goodnight
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