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  1. don't apologise!. far as I can see you did nothing wrong, worse then being at school here.... for goodness sake.
  2. Hedgey!!! well done on your promotion to site helper hun we love ya to bit's don't you become a stranger now ya hear! Take care Tempty xx
  3. Hedgey you'll get there hun, Cobler are bogged down atm, some kind of bug going round apparently! so it may be worth giving them a buz in a couple of day's just to chase it
  4. After last weeks shananagans I've finaly managed to get my head together enough to write to coblers! I think this covers everything I want to say at this point, let me know if there's anything I've left out (or should have left out). Dear Lynsey Burgoyne In an effort to keep negotiations open at this point I am willing to provide you with all information I have to date in support of my claim against your client Natwest Bank PLC. I had previously tried to resolve this matter directly with your client to no avail. In fact Natwest offered no communication until after I had f
  5. absolutly, work to your time scale not theirs! it's not your fault if they don't have enough staff to do with the problems they've created in the first place by taking all our money unlawfully
  6. yup, the next stage is to file your claim at court! at this point you can add the 8% interest
  7. That's fantastics news green hubby has read through the site a bit now and is back on side Lol. specially after last couple of day's! he want's me to go for it now
  8. right doc's have been called. gotta wait for the duty doc to call me back, may have to pop into local hospital for check up by the sounds of it. Hubby in a prety bad way this morning..... think he's worse off then me... poor hubby
  9. lol sitting here with hot towel wraped round my neck! gotta take youngest to school in a min, so i'm trying to free it up Hehe. loads of pain killers me thinks..... that's the ticket
  10. am waiting for doc's to open, will give em a call I think and see what they say. if they want us to come in and get checked out, that's what we'll do
  11. morning enaid very sore, back not as painfull as it was yesterday, but neck feel like it want's to drop off..... not nice....... have decided I don't want to be in another car crash...... they make you hurty
  12. If I were in your position! I would remind them of them of your recent win, regarding previous charges. If you went through courts procces the last time, a "gentle" reminder that you are not afraid of the procces may well be enough to get them to refund. if not.... threaten to start over again. that's just my personal opinion.... gotta be worth a try... they use enough scare tatics on us after all. Good luck Tempty
  13. Lol can't even begin to imagine fendy speechless glad you had a good time hun
  14. Blimey really!!! well I'll get checked out, but I'm not gonna say I've got whiplash unless I really have, It's just not in to lie about it. would be nice to get a little something though. anyway, I really gotta get out of this chair, getting quite uncomfortable now. think I may go for a nice long soak in the bath! catch you tomorrow nighty nightxx
  15. Ooooo looky I have a guest! ........ wonder if it's cobbets?? here's something to take back to yer clients. example of how a company "should" work Auto Trader Insurance......... oh your in trouble.......... ok mrs Tempty......sit back and relax..... let us take care of it!!! Natwest........oh your in trouble......sit back while we make it WORSE LOL
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