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  1. My money has now been refunded. Many thanks for your help, advice and support all Unfortunately, Extak are still trading...it may take a little longer to sort that one out! But it looks like there's momentum building rapidly against them. Cheers
  2. Cheers...forms submitted and they promise to get back within 14 working days...that's 22nd Nov. Fingers crossed...
  3. I have received the Chargeback form from Barclays (all very simple) and am going to send it back with copies of the invoice and all relevant e-mail. Is there anything else I could/should include to strengthen the case or help the bank? Thanks
  4. Yes...they are the ashes of WAE+ reformed after beig bought off the Administrator (although I didn't know that at the time...) I paid with a Visa Debit card...I don't have a credit card...but it seems like these are covered now by the Chargeback The bank (Barclays) said that I should wait until Nov 5th to raise a refund dispute...not a chargeback. I'll get back onto them. Thanks for all the advice
  5. OK...thanks...I'd not heard of that before and thought it was some jargon they were using. I need to wait until 5th nov before my bank will investigate but I will be sure to use that specific term when contacting them next week. Many thanks
  6. Hi, Can anyone help as to how I should progress with Extak. I ordered over £200 worth of electrical goods from them after Google Shopping pointed out some good deals. A few days later they cancelled my order then they refused to give me a refund with the following e-mail... "We are contacting you in regards to your refund owed to you. Due to complications that have arisen with our previous payment merchant this has affected our ability to process your refund, we must unfortunately notify you that you will need to file a dispute with your bank for the transaction, as we are unable to complete the refund from our side. In many cases this should be straightforward and quick. Chargebacks are there to protect the consumer in situations where they are unable to receive their funds back via normal methods. We realise that this is asking more of you than is normally expected, and we can only apologise for this, and any inconvenience this may cause you. Should you have any issue regarding this, please let us know and we will see what we can do to try to help further. We regret that we are unable to refund your transaction and hope that your bank can assist you with a swift conclusion. -- Kind Regards Customer Service Extak EMAIL: contact@extak.com TEL: 0843 289 0725 www.extak.com" After seeing reviews now on Trustpilot and a report in the Guardian I fear for any good conclusion to this...but can anyone advise what next steps I should take. Thanks LB
  7. Many thanks Martin...I had not found the Business Account section...d'oh. I used to owe Lloyds money. They sold my debt to a debt collection agency a few years ago so I'm not sure how they will feel about me. I'll look into the Ibiz and Lloyds account...thanks again
  8. Thanks Yekrats...I have a meeting with my local Barclays branch on Tuesday....hope they can help.
  9. Yeah, I have a personal account with Co-Op and did get it before I was discharged. They've been really good, for me. Hence I though it'd be a good idea to get the business account with them (also because I could do instant on-line transfers between business and personal accounts) But they wouldn't let me open one and their web-site says that the account is temporarily unavailable. The Co-operative Bank | Business Directplus Maybe worth asking them how long it'll be unavailable for.
  10. Thanks Yekrats and I'd love to use them as my current account is with them so instant on-line transfers etc...but I've called them and they have stopped taking new customers for the time being... Some sort of issue with their on-line banking system, so they say.
  11. Hi All, I went bankrupt about 20 months ago so have been discharged for 8 months now. After almost a year unemployed I have been offered a contract role and I would like to maximise my earnings by going as a limited company. In order to do this I need a business bank account and was wondering if anyone knew who I could approach and if anyone had an account approved after discharge. I have a Co-Op Cashminder personal account (which has been fine and I'm really happy with) so I'll approach them tomorrow in case they can help. I have seen another post that recommended NatWest but I had significant debt with them at the time of bankruptcy so I feel uneasy about approaching them (although it'd probably be in their best interests to take my account on as it is a zero risk company) Many thanks, LB
  12. Thanks CitizenB Just as a note...that I maybe should have added...my bankruptcy debt is much larger than my redundancy pay...10 times more...so it won't help to pay off the debt substantially. Cheers
  13. Hi All, I declared myself bankrupt back in the middle of last year and have been working since October...although I have not been earing enough for the OR to take a monthly amount. I have been told that I will be made redundant at the end of this week and was wondering what will happen to my redundancy payment and if/how I can keep any of it. I have only been working in this job for about 6 months so I'm not getting a substantial payment but this is what I'll be getting... 1 month pay in lieu of notice (without paying income tax) 4 weeks pay as a redundancy payment my usual car allowance (again, tax free) We have been overpaid Child Benefit (as we were away for a year and the HMRC didn't stop it even after we sent 2 forms to them!) and this was swallowed by the creditors... We owe approx £1100 and our child benefit payments will be reduced until it's payed off. Can anyone please advise me on how to approach the OR (we're usually in contact through e-mail) to put my case across for paying the HMRC debt and keeping as much of the rest of the money to help fund our living expenses until I find a new job. Thanks
  14. Hi All, After recently returning from a year down under we have a number of Aussie Dollars that we need to convert back to GBP. (about £500 worth) Can anyone give me any pointers into where I can get the best rate? The best I have found atm is M&S at 2.2733 compared to the PO at 2.3377. Thanks, LB
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