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  1. Well, I have just finished a rather nice bottle of Champagne & I am feeling suitably chilled out (hic!). The first time I have relaxed in about three weeks. Good luck to everyone who is after a refund of THEIR money, don't worry, you will get it back as long as you don't do anything really stoopid like claim for 15 years worth of charges or ask for a refund of overdraft interest. Saying that, I made about half a dozen mistakes (according to the CAG guidelines) and yet I still got paid, however I HIGHLY recommend following the CAG script as you will then not be plagued with doubt if it gets
  2. Got home at lunchtime today & I had received a letter from the Nationwide confirming that they would refund all charges £1247.50 plus interest £507.79 and court costs of £120 !!! Checked account and the money was in there!!!!! A message for everyone who is still waiting for their money & who perhaps are in the court process & panicking - don't worry. Although I highly recommend following the CAG timeline to the letter, I followed the advice on another website & in hindsight mucked a few things up including asking for the 8% interest straight away before getting to the cou
  3. Wow!! Congratulations!!!!! That is fantastic news, did they pay you the lesser MCOL amount that you emailed Eversheds about yesterday or the original amount? I wonder if you emailing them made a difference, in which case that's what I will do as they stil haven't paid me a penny! Best of wishes, sittinpretty.
  4. Me too, I used the MSE website as Martin Lewis has a high profile & seems very authoritative (and many of the people following his advice seemed to be getting paid) for my preparation and as I have said elsewhere, my heart sank when I discovered the CAG website with all of its additional advice. Even so, I don't think I would have asked for the compound interest as I want to keep things as simple as possible and this is my first time (and I am also slightly faint-hearted!). By the way, I still haven't received a refund, I think it may be some weeks yet.
  5. Well I finally got my defence today. The letter dated 8th June is titled 'Notice of transfer proceedings' and goes as follows: A defence to this claim has been filed. The claim has been transferred to the court covering the area where the claimant lives or carries on business. Then there is another page Before District Judge Murdoch Sitting at Northamton County Court Without hearing IT IS ORDERED THAT: - 1. The filing of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in the case unless the district judge at the court of transfer orders
  6. I wouldn't worry at all - others, including myself are in the same boat. Nationwide put in a defence on my claim on the 28th day on 30th May & I haven't heard anything either. After a week I phoned MCOL and they told me they were six working days behind, last Thursday I phoned them again & they advised that the paperwork had been sent to my local court & I would hear direct from them not MCOL on Tuesday or Wednesday this week (two weeks after the defence was put in). I think the delays are due to the massive numbers of claims going through the courts (1000+ with MCOL alone each day
  7. Kopstar, I think I may have done two things wrong in my claim though, which have may have caused me not to be paid & could potentially mess things up for me - I did not send a schedule of charges to MCOL once I registered my claim with them (although Nationwide have two copies), this was because initially I followed the advice on Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert website & it didn't make any reference to having to do this - I only discovered CAG about three weeks after I put the claim in & my heart then sank. Also, I put my claim in at the end of April and included bank charg
  8. I too am 28 days + 9! I still have heard nothing after the Nationwide put in a defence that long time ago & nothing from MCOL either. My request is £1760 in total including interest, not a huge amount compared to some others who got paid well in advance of the 28 days so why haven't they paid me? The stress waiting to to hear from someone (anyone!) is becoming unbearable, and the checking of my account twice daily and seeing the same balance day after day is becoming depressing!
  9. I spoke to MCOL again lunchtime, they have only just referred my case to the local county court, the local court will then send me a copy of the defence but probably not until next Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be two weeks after Nationwide put in a defence so this is a warning to everyone, once the defence has been put in by Nationwide don't expect to hear anything for a fortnight, unless Nationwide pay the money into your account in the meantime (which hopefully they will!) Kopstar is right, have patience, but it is difficult. It is the not knowing which is driving me mad.
  10. I telephoned Eversheds at lunchtime and spoke to a very friendly lady who advised me that Nationwide had put in a 'denial defence' in respect of my claim (the defence was put in 9 days ago & I had heard nothing from anyone). She couldn't really be any more explicit, she didn't seem to have very much info. Does anyone know what this type of defence means?
  11. I telephoned Eversheds at lunchtime and spoke to a very friendly lady who advised me that Nationwide had put in a 'denial defence' in respect of my claim (the defence was put in 9 days ago & I had heard nothing from anyone). She couldn't really be any more explicit but thought this gave Nationwide more time to 'gather information' and she did talk about this in respect of refunds being made but understandibly she had to be quite coy. She told me that Nationwide were refunding most people unless they can 'see though the claim'. It appeared that they had the minimum of info from the Natio
  12. I have had no money paid into my account or anything through the post yet, it is now 8 days past Nationwide putting in a defence and I am getting really, really frustrated!!! I phoned MCOL on Monday, they are six working days behind & they can't cope with all the claims etc... I don't feel as though I am getting value for money for my £120! As suggested by someone in another thread I have emailed Eversheds this evening to ask them what their defence is, I will keep you informed.
  13. Thanks, I have emailed Eversheds to ask them what their defence is, I will let you know what they say (if they bother replying, that is!).
  14. It is now 7 days past when Nationwide put in its defence (on the 28th day of course) & as I have still heard nothing & as no money has been paid into my account, I telephoned MCOL at lunchtime today to see where Nationwide's defence was and they advised me that they are 6 working days behind schedule as they are 'receiving 1000 claims a day' and can't cope very well. They haven't processed my paperwork yet and there seems a multi step internal MCOL process before it can be released to me so I think I'll forget about hearing anything for a few days! I think Nationwide are aware of this
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