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  1. Hi everyone, Claimed £4400 Settled £4300 Just glad to say that all the stress is over with now but still haven't received anything from courts or Nationwide to end the action. I'm happy to settle on £4300 'cos I got my calculations slightly wrong and claimed a month too far back. I'd like to say a big thanks to all the other members and helpers on the thread as without your support, advice, guidance and encouragement I would still be cursing these charges being the bane of my life. I wish all contributors and readers of the threads all the best and be patient, follow the formula and you WILL get YOUR MONEY back. :D :D 8-)
  2. Haybaby, I think it depends on how the cashier's feeling mine started with 3 corrections a cash credit, then two more corrections another cash credit then today another four corrections for another £85 thats @ £4400 over three days and still nothing from NW telling me whats going. Still short of @ £300 pounds for charges from after I claimed, hoping they'll stick 'em in to get me off their case. If they dont we can start again. See ya DP1
  3. Nationwide have done it again further £400 added. Have emailed NW's solicitor for breakdown of settlement. Have checked my own figures and small discrepancy between claimed and paid. So holding off declaring as settled. Hopefully will be finished by the end of the week. Then we can start on Our credit cards!!
  4. Whooo Another 2k:) Just Waitinig For Costs And Interest Now Will Recheck My Calculations Tonight:|
  5. Hi Caroline Include the weekends thus if letter issued 7/7/07 14 days up 21/7/07. DP1
  6. Hi everyone Looks like NW are paying out. So far today I've recd £1900 into my a/c Only a further £2700 including interest due will keep you all posted. Knowing NW they'll pay only what has been deducted then hold back the rest.
  7. Phantom Corrections Have Started £1427 So Far:d
  8. If you have given 14 days for your bank to refund your charges the courts may state that you are being unreasonable by commuting the given period by starting action before the period has elapsed. Remember you are the one that is trying to demonstarate that you are acting in good faith. If you do not keep to your word if give nationwides solicitors grounds to procrastinate and delay in repaying your charges. Just read some of our threads. Nationwide are one of the worst Institutions for acting unreasonably. Be patient and follow the guidance and you will win through. All the best DP1
  9. If you're out of the country you could always file your claim online. As Milktrayman will testify Nationwide will usually ignore any requests unless you file a claim in the courts. Although a fair number of claimants seem to be doing well using the Banking Ombudsman Complaints proceedures. All the best. P.S. Dont drink too much rum.
  10. Forgot to add NW ceased taking charges from my account since june. Not closed, no theats re debt collectors etc but not technicaly o/d either. I think this may be their normal operating proceedure for disputed accounts. Any comments.
  11. Hi all, Thought it's about time I gave a more comprehensive narative of my struggle against the DARK SIDE. S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request 8/3/07-usual NW shenanigins application lost-dog ate it etc received back 22/4/07. Initial Request 23/4/07 @ £4000 inc interest week later "get stuffed letter" LBA sent 8/5/07 on schedule...no reply..phoned 14 days after to check receipt said "ooh we've got 40 days from date of receipt" told 'em "ooo no you dont, see you in court" Had to wait till payday MCOL 2/6/07 Deemed Served date 9/6/07 Acknowledged 11/6/07 14 days up 23/6/07 28 days 7/7/07 will run over 10/7/07 cos of weekend. So just Waiting for their defense or lack of of it now and checking my A/c 4/5 times a day checking for phantom credits. Go on Nationwide, you know that you want to. And congrats to all of Leeds Mercantile Court claimants. To be honest when read that so many cases were being booked at the same time I was worried we were gonna have another Hull or Berwick situation. Instead we get the BIGGEST threat to the Bankers yet. All the best everyone DP1
  12. Definitely Nationwide only respond following court action, just read some of the threads you'll get the idea.
  13. Thanks everyone for the advice. will keep you posted...
  14. Dont mess about with Nationwide they will Procrastinate to the point of distraction hoping you'll write it off as too much trouble . Using the templates calculate ALL the charges they've robbed off you and get you first request for payment sent off Recorded delivery. Read the threads you'll get the idea
  15. Thanks gizmo thought so Will sort out SAR ASAP. I suspect high proportion of balance to be charges.
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