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  1. Hello HSBC made an offer to my husband which we want to accept. He signed the acceptance form and I sent it recorded delivery. The royal mail website are still saying it hasn't been delivered. I was panicking about the 10 working days HSBC gave him to get the form to them so he rang them. They said that because of the court case at the moment they are having to send out new acceptance forms to everyone and we should get it next week?? They said the amount being offered shouldn't change? Are they fobbing us off or is this true? I really would love some advice or reassurance as we are starting to panic that we won't get the money and it was for quite a lot!! I look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks
  2. Hello I have sent the 2 standard letters to HSBC to claim back bank charges. I haven't heard anything from them? Not even an offer? Is this normal? I am a bit scared now because the next step as far as I know is court action! Can anyone give me any advice or reassurance on this matter? Thankyou Mindy
  3. Hello everyone. My husband had a store card with Burtons (GE Money), he missed some payments and it went to debt collection agency, we can't remember which one?? Then eventually it went to court and he got a CCJ! I tried to write to GE Money asking for original signed agreement on 10.3.07. They never got back to me. I then sent a letter asking for all the statements for the last 6 years on 28.4.07. The first reply I got was from Aktiv Kapital saying that he owes them the money and to send payment ASAP. We have never heard of them and he is currently paying the courts. I then sent a letter to Aktiv Kapital asking them for the original agreement and they replied saying they can't locate the account so can we send extra identity details. I then received a letter from GE Money saying they cannot locate the account. Unfortunately we never kept any statements or account numbers or anything so we only have a name and address. Can anybody advise on how we ca get a copy of the original agreement from GE Money? what do I do with Aktiv Kapital? Can someone also advise me on if GE Money cannot find the original agreement how does this effect the CCJ??
  4. Hello everyone. I am about to start a new claim against HSBC. Just about to send off my first letter. My claim is for £3,500. Wish me luck!!!
  5. This is my first tim in the forum, well any forum as it goes! I am currently in the process of sorting mine and my husbands finances out. I am in a bit of a muddle with a complicated issue re a CCJ?? :-|
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