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  1. From a fellow bluenose best of luck for your claim. Go get em!
  2. Hi Alison, I'm Andrew (barbara's son) Thank you so much for your reply and also offering your help. I would be very grateful if you could help in speaking with the Inland revenue on this matter as I've tried with no sucess. Which would be the best available way of giving you the information? I would be more than happy to donate money to your orginisation if we are successful in this. Thank you again for your time and words of comfort
  3. Thank you very much Billy, your advice is greatly appreciated. Am going to have something to eat now but will be back later for any more updates
  4. Another question. Does the debt have to be paid to the bailiff (even though its disputed) or can we go back to the Inland Revenue to negotiate?
  5. Hi Billy In answer to your question my son worked for one week on a self employed basis in 2002. Shortly after that his father died and we moved away from the area. In the meantime, in their wisdom, the Inland Revenue assumed he was totally self employed and assessed him for tax. When eventually they traced him it was obviously quite a lot of money. He spoke to them several times and got this resolved a long time ago as he proved to be working through paye. Unfortunately because there was a time when we moved when he wasn't working (or claiming benefit) they decided he owed this £400 +. He has been told once by the Inland Revenue that it had been sorted, but then it was resurrected and was told the woman who had sorted this was wrong but they would look at it again if he wrote a letter regarding this which he did do also requesting refund for overpayment of tax in at least two tax years since. We heard nothing until today. Sorry its a bit long-winded but you did ask
  6. My son has just spoken to the bailiffs. Unless he pays in full by Sat morning (which he can't) then it will be up to me to prove ownership. I have no receipts or anything as most things are over 4 years old.
  7. Thanks for your help so far guys! I'm really worried about this
  8. Hi I hope someone on here can help me. There has been a bailiff noticed posted through my door today for my son. Apparently he owes the Inland Revenue £423.00. He has been trying to resolve this for some time and twice has been told by the Inland Revenue it was sorted. Now we have this letter for £823.68. He's spoken to the Inland Revenue who said they can no longer help. He's spoken to the Bailiff concerned who said 'now we know you're in the property I'll be round with my mate to get into the property to get what we need'. The thing is my son does not own anything - it's all mine. Can they take my stuff? Please help!!!!
  9. I hope someone can help me here. The firm I work for received a County Court Summons for non payment of an invoice - this actually crossed with the payment being sent (our supplier was being very eager). We then received a CCJ for the costs which we immediately paid. 4 weeks later we have received a Warrant of Execution for the costs plus an extra 45 quid. I have spoken to the the solicitors dealing with this and they said although they are aware of receiving the original costs we still have to pay the extra as the Warrant of Execution was issued at the same time as the CCJ. Do we have to pay this if we paid the CCJ straight away?
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