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  1. hi thanx for replying. i havent got a hearing date-the banks solicitors sent me a letter offering to settle out of court which i duly did and accepted the cheque which was then stopped. i then had another letter saying they would honour offer as a gesture of goodwill which i also signed and accepted. i would have thought their offer was legally binding because i have it in writing? thanks cam 1969
  2. hi all llods have sent me a cheque for full payment of my charges(2200),i payed it into nat west over 10 days ago and was told it had cleared friday 10th august.however i received a letter from them saying lloyds had stopped the cheque on 13th august!! lloyds solicitors didnt seem to know why it had been stopped-do you think it could have been because the cheque was for three pounds more than the amount i agreed to? i'm worried theyve found a way to weasle out of paying me,even though i have an agreement from their solicitors. any feedback would be appreciated many thanks cam1969
  3. would anyone recommend that i buy the law pack and the book thats advertised on this site bacause i only have limited access to a computer and will struggle printing all relevant pages thanks
  4. thanks very much i'll get cracking on with it now!
  5. thanks a lots thats a great help!
  6. i'm about to register a claim through the courts,lloyds have sent me a cheque for £700 but my claim is for £1900,any help would be appreciated
  7. hi all sorry if i appear dense but i am about to issue court proceedings against lloyds tsb,i havent got much of a clue about what i have to get together in case it does go to court,is there a standard bundle that you have to prepare and if so whats in it??? cheers cam1969
  8. hi all, i'm just about to issue court proceedings against lloyds tsb for the sum of £1900.00,they wrote to me offering £700.00 as full and final payment-then sent the cheque without my agreement! should i keep hold of the cheque or send it back-if so where to? many thanks cam
  9. hi evryone-this is my first post so please bear with me!! i'm in the middle of claiming approx £1900 from lloyds tsb,i was going to claim through courts but today theyve sent letter offering £700 as full and final payment.i'm in a dilemma-should i accept or carry on?? would appreciate any feedbach cheers cam 1969
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