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  1. I have recently purchased a second hand car from a local trader. I paid £850 and it was all fully receipted and he offered a 1 month mechanical breakdown warranty. After 6 weeks the vehicle is being declared financially a 'non repair' owing to a complete breakdown of the fuel system from fuel pump to injectors. This is by the trader that sold it to me. He hasn't made any financial reimbursement or offer, other than saying that I wont be charged for the time they have spent diagnosing the problem. My question, therefore, Do I have any consumer rights or is it a case of 'pay your money take your chance?' Write it off and move on ? They guy is local and very pleasant and probably open to discussion but I wanted to see if I have any legal consumer rights before making my move. Thankyou. Your assistance is as ever greatly appreciated.
  2. Basically my deal is up soon on my Gas and Elec Tariff. Obviously the new tariff will only be going in one direction, namely up! If I stick with my existing supplier, and overread my meter before the tariff changes, am I breaching any terms and conditions and being fraudulent, or am I basically being prudent and bulk purchasing my gas and electricity at the current price. Isn't this exactly what the utility companies do anyway, when they bulk purchase the gas at X and then charge us Y then Z, then anything they like really !!!!???? Your thoughts please ......
  3. Hi I havea similar issue with PM,,because I did not register a claim within 24 hrs of delivery, despite CITYLINK admitted damage. just wondered if you pursued this and if so how you are getting on?
  4. Recently sent a parcel that I sold on EBay via PM using Citylink. The day after delivery I had an email from PM advising that Citylink had acknowledged damaging the package. This is the first I knew. After making enquiries with the buyer, she confirmed the damage and sent me photographic evidence. I then raised a claim using PMs online service. this was 6 days after the parcel was delivered. Despite PM being the first to advise the damage they are refusing a claim, stating their Ts and Cs state that all claims for damage must be instigated within 24 hours of the parcel delivery. 5.2. For damaged items, The Company must receive notice of your claim within 24 hours of the delivery date, with all paperwork regarding the claim submitted to the Company within 7 working days. My argument is that having acknowledged the damage the day after , PMs own system should have logged the potential for a claim pending the evidence. They are saying that by entering into a contract with them and paying for the service, and also ticking that I had read and agree with their Ts and Cs I have breached the terms for making a claim by not logging it within 24 hours, so therefore with regret and sincere apologies blah blah blah we cannot investigate this further. I am absolutely disgusted and want to take it further, I feel that my consumer rights have been abused, but am being told by them, in effect, that by ticking PMs Ts and Cs Imcannot take it any further. is this really the case? Have I foregone my rights simply by ticking a box, that I admit I did not read. The fact remains, CityLink damaged the goods and acknowledged the fact to PM within 24 hours. Surely I can take this further, even though I haven't conformed to their somewhat short timescale Ts and Cs. Any advice appreciated.
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