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  1. I have communicated in writing to Mr Patel, and found him to be most helpful. Whilst there has been increased attention on these types of products recently, it is apparent that there is only a small amount of wrong-doing, as opposed to it being common practice within the finance industry. I would suggest that before approaching any finance company in relation to PPi mis-selling, that everyone checks all their paperwork thoroughly before wasting money on postage.
  2. barclay offered me two thirds of my claims as full and final settlement which i accepted as i did not want to push my luck too much so to speak. i would like to thank everyone on this site for the excellent work which enabled me to do this. many thanks
  3. thanks 'oneofakind' im not waiting for the bank to reply....just been so busy as my dad is in hospital so the bank charges got put on the back burner. im in the process of completing my cliam form and will send it shortly. thanks once again
  4. hi i have got my dates and letter mixed up. i just check the previous letter i sent dated 16th May and it was a LBA as i have sent them 4 letters now. i then received a letter from barclays stating that they aim to contact me by the 9th July. i am currenly reading the FAQ step by step guide as i now need to start the court claim. if anyone has any tips that could assist me as to where to go or what else i could read...etc. i would be very grateful for your help! thanks
  5. thanks ppl.... i will get onto it straight away......
  6. thanks for the advise ppl. ok so now i have to start my claim through the courts, how do i go about doing this by myself and what exactly do i need? or should i send them a final letter before action? if yes then where can i get a final letter before action from? thank you all for your help:)
  7. Hello everyone, Firstly i would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has helped on this site as i have used alot of information in my quest to have my money refunded by Barclays. i have written to Barclays requesting my money back on the 10th May 07. They responded on the 17th May with a standard reply about them being sorry i was not happy with the charges and they are investigating the issue and will responded to me with 4 weeks if not they will send me un update which could take 8 weeks. i wrote back saying this was unacceptable and i would like a response withi
  8. Hello all this is my first post it would b nice if we could get a copy of the dvd as i have just started my claim against Barclays and they are dragging their feets as per usual
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