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  1. Go for it blondie, we're all behind you. Just think of all the pressure you're putting on all these who are trying to justify the way the banks are behaving & treating their 'customers'
  2. Thanks Lattie, knew there must be a way for me. thanks too to Zoot for the info,will see how my prelim letter goes and the type of response I get from the bank, hopefully not a fob off reply, Dave.
  3. Thanks Pete, thought no one was going to answer my thread, Iknow what your reasoning is on this one , I'll just have to wait it out and see if they send the lot to me as I requested.
  4. Just recieved the weekly email from Martin Lewis, he's saying we can't make claims further than 6 years because of the 'statute of limitations'. Do the mods and site helpers agree with his thinking, because i'm pushing for disclosure of my statements from the inception of my current account.
  5. Thank you very much, i shall proceed as directed.
  6. thanks for that, BRB after i cut the grass, pressure from the missus spending too long on the computer:(
  7. Hi Freaky, best reply on my own thread, so what your saying is once youv'e worked out the total claim +8% statutory int then you bung on the daily int @ x 0.00022%, is that right.
  8. What about the calculator on the MSE site?
  9. Cheers again, thats made afew laff. sending the non com letter tday
  10. Yes, thats great, thanks for getting back to me, thought all the mods & site helpers had all gone away on their hols, it seemed so quiet. How is middle earth anyway, didn't realise you got snow there lol;)
  11. Am about to write a non-compliance letter as i've not heard from HSBC since 28/6/07.received 'copy' statements from 1/6/01 to 28/7/03 pages 211-282, however for some 'strange' reason pages 230,233, 236, 277 & 280 weren't sent? Requested those pages on 28/6/07 & even after 2 phone calls still haven't received a response. Have drafted a letter close to something 'bong' posted saying that as this is still part of my initial SAR I am requesting full disclosure of all info on me that is held by HSBC, going back to when account was opened. Is this the way to go, any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation, Dave.
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