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  1. Cheers thanks for the help, I am not going to, will I be best ignoring it, appealing it or sending them a letter stating I am unwilling to pay? My friend who was also caught at the same time sadly has though, as they told her she had to pay before she could appeal
  2. It was previously a pay and display car park (£3.50 per day) however once they brought the private company in, each bay is now marked as reserved for lecturers with the reg details signposted on each bay. There is no longer a pay and display in place. I parked in an area where there is no reserved bay and was not blocking anyone from reaching/leaving their marked bay.
  3. Hi, I have received a £80 Parking Charge Notice from Vehicle Control Services Ltd for a car park at university. The University changed the car park after Easter to a teacher’s only car park. When this was introduced we asked a course leader if we could still use the car park to drop off work, as we often have to bring in large models etc. We were told that we could use non marked bays to drop work off and/or assignments then move the car to a car park elsewhere. This was announced to the whole class in a meeting, but nothing was ever stated in writing Yesterday I dropped off an assig
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