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  1. in the agreement it says a replacement if not fixed within 6 weeks!!they will carry out as many repairs as necessary on the product as needed.if not fixable or parts not available then the replacement issue kicks in!
  2. hi there everyone. i have a phillips tv covered under the mastercare plan that was extended this year for an additional year after having a plan for 5 years previous. the history of the tv is as follows and is now becoming increasingly irritating when it was purchase back in feb 2004 the tv was installed by currys and upon install was faulty from new.this was taken back to store and sent for repair!!we got it back 2 weeks later(not a new one). in 2006 the telly developed a fault of sound and no picture(same fault when bought new).engineer came and diagnosed needed new board.this was
  3. thanks for that.i did do this last year.they wanted an extortionate fee for it and sent my £1 back.!! that's why i went to the FOS and how we have now arrived where we are.what's my next step please?
  4. hi there everyone. i have an issue with the above company that we have been making payments to over the past 6 years. we have a secured loan with the company over a period of 7 years.this is due to end next february 2011. unfortunately, after taking the loan out in 2004 , i was made redundant and was out of work for 4 weeks.this caused us to be 1 month behind in our payments.once i had secured a new job i started repaying the loan but as my pay schedule was different i asked them to accept payments at a later day in the month (approx 2 weeks) .initially this was ok but every month now s
  5. hi there our mates above have been pestering my son for the last three months with regard to an alleged debt for vodafone phone services supplied . my son has not had a phone with vodafone since 2006.he cancelled his account after the 18 month contract and was fully up to date with it. they insist that he now owes £273.28 when this was cleared in 2007!! we went down the cca request and they sent 2 pieces of paper with evidence of payments made but not a contract?? they are now arguing that the agreement was a 'service' and not a 'credit' and still insist on him making payments. waht
  6. thanks lillywhite. that is superb help.it all seems very legal and obviously means a great deal to these idiots at connaughts/1st credit.i have sent off a statute barred letter and request for credit agreement by recorded delivery yesterday first class.do i need to inform them that i am setting aside the sd?
  7. thanks 42 man.could you help me with the defence on the forms i now have for the sd i have mentioned?
  8. thanks again to everybody, i have just sent the oft an email withregard to my situation and this company.hopefully they will do something about it. i still nedd help with templates for the set aside letters/forms please.
  9. thanks everyone.where do i get the forms to do this set aside?does it cost money to do thsi?i dont remember having any accounts with rbs /natwest in the past.the only financial dealings in the late 90's were with llyods bank? i was made redundant then and had some loans etc.., unable to pay at the time of unemployment. if anyone has templates and info on set aside could they let me know that would be great.they have mentioned a court but this about ten mile from me.
  10. hi everyone.looking for some advice with the above company that have had past delaings with concerning old debts over 6 years etc.., today i took receipt of a statutory demand from connaught collections via a courier/parcel delivery service company!! to date i have had no dealings with them since asking for a copy of a credit agreement for another debt that they were chasing me for that was more than six years old.needles to say they couldn't provide the relevant details and withdrew . today however i took delivery as above as i was expecting something totally different by a delivery com
  11. i need some advise with regard to the above mentioned. i have had an accident at work (Industrial injury) and am persuing the matter with annew solicitor as my union solicitor did not feel that my case warranted persuing after 18 months of trying. the new soilcitor has had all my case notes sent to them from the original solicitor and has now sent me a copy as above mentioned. having read through this i am concerned of the fees issue mentioned if either party fails. can somebody advise me if i will be responsible in any way for costs of this solicitor i i sign the cfa? its a scary th
  12. thanks for the reply again. is there anything we can do to stop them at all/the local residents have been good so far but these 2 indibviduals just take the p...!! all the time coupled with abuse.!! i have written to my mp on the matter today as well.should i complain to my local councillors too?? is there anything i can construct in writing to the individuals to maybe persuade them to stop flaunting the use of this bay?
  13. they are not registered disabled .they are a couple who are ambulance personnel and have 2 vehicles privately owned
  14. hi there eveyone. we are having problems with a neighbour who takes it upon themelves to park in the disabled bay marked outside our house. this was put in palce by west sussex county council highways department for my wife when she was registered disabled over three years ago. we are fully aware that the bay does not entitle us to use it solely as it is provided to assist my wife with her disability. so far this has been no problem until a new neighbour moved in last year and now when they cannot find a space to park 'dumps' one of their two vehilces in it if they cannot park outside
  15. i wonder if anyone can give us some advise with regard to the purchase of a used car from a car trader. we purchased the vehicle on 10/01/09.it is an 'n' plate mgf convertible with fsh and was given witha new years mot supplied by the dealer.the car cost £1425 which was paid by debit card on 2 occassions as a deposit and final settlement.the car was fine up until monady of this week when we noticed a strange noise coming from the engine area.after depressing the clutch pedal this disappeared and as i had had a rover 214 previous suspected that there might be an issue with the clutch.to add
  16. thanks again.i am sending the cca tomorrow recorded delivery.i will send another letter asking for complaints procedure separately. once agin i want to confirm that i do not need to respnd to the chap who sent the sd and has said that i must reply to them within 21 days to acknowledge receipt of this?
  17. ok so i just send the cca to them?do i also ask in a letter for their formal complaints procedure at this time when i send the cca letter.? I have found the two letters for court on here do i still need to send these?
  18. sorry but do i have to acknowledge this sd with connaught when i send the cca request?
  19. the old one was pushed through letterbox and was on my doormat when returning from holiday nearly two years ago. the latest was posted and received approx 5 days later. as i am a postman that means 2nd class to me. it was in a large envelope with a business service mail franking that i do remember. 5 days is second class in my business.
  20. thanks for the information. unfortunately i do not have the envelope in question but know that it was received five days from date of postal/service. i originally rang them when i got a demand saying they were going to do the same procedure nearly two years ago!!i wrote to them with an income expenditure plan and agreed my repayments. this took nearly 5 weeks fo them to agree. they served the SD by hand whilst i was on holiday that time. it was a loose document and no envelope. do you think they are chancing their arm again?? i will send CCA as i much mor
  21. hi there everyone. i have been paying connaught now for nearly 2 years for a debt from 1st credit/ royal bank of scotland. i have adhered to payment plan and paid via a payment booklet at Barclays .i have in this time received letters evry other month saying account is in arrears when i have actually paid the sum due monthly. this i have always ignored as i have proof of payment every time!! however i have now received by second class post a statutory demand saying my payment plan has been not adhered to and have to respond within 18 days (due next week) i hav
  22. i have had a call at the house from the above named company. i have a mortgage with bradford and bingley and am in arrears to the sum of £400.i have supplied an income/expenditure form and have proposed a repayment of arrears at rate of £51.00 permonth to clear it.to date have had no response apart from this visit.the gentleman who called said he could discuss the arrears and how to clear them.i also noticed that he took photos of my property!! i am concerned as the sum is minimal and equtes to about 1 and ahlf mortgage payments. does anyone know of this company?should i be concerned?
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