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  1. I wanted to get a better deal on my mortgage. Thank you for replying so promptly. when you refer to post 77/78 above, can you point me in the right direction pls as I am not sure what you are referring to. Many thanks.
  2. I wish to remortgage my property but HFO took legal action against me for a debt and applied for a Charging Order. This was then sold on to Link. Every now and then I have received the usual letters of threat but have never responded. Having checked with Land Registry I see that HFO filed for a Unilateral Notice of Interim Charging Order in 2008 but never a Final Charging Order and Link added themselves as Beneficiaries in 2015. I have written in the past about the battles I had with HFO/Link and heeded the advice to ignore Link until they decide to take me to Court to claim themselves as the new Creditor. How does this Interim Charging Order affect me regarding moving forward and is it possible to get it removed? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Ok and thank you so much for your help today. Can they enforce the CO?
  4. I believe the original Charging Order was granted on 7th January 2009, if that helps?
  5. The Judgement was granted in 2009. HFO did not, apart from a couple of initial letters, bother chasing anything up. I have not made any payments to HFO.
  6. Thank you for the links dx100uk. I have had a read of them but feel a little confused. Should I respond to Link yet? They gave me 7 days to respond but dated their letter 18th January.
  7. Hi, I have just received a letter from Link stating that they have taken over an account from HFO. I had an old Barclaycard debt which was sold to HFO who, somehow, despite failing to produce the necessary documents requested from me, and having shown the court a very dubious Agreement between me and Barclaycard (not convinced it was the correct terms and conditions as bad photocopy and did not seem to match the original signed Agreement?), HFO managed to get a CO on my property. Since then, I have not heard anything from them for about 4 years until I received this letter from Link demanding immediate payment or they will take enforcement action against me. Can anyone help on where I need to go with this? I do not know who Link are? Many thanks.
  8. the charging order is in favour HFO Services Ltd. What worries me is that the original judgement was for £5,979 and now it has escalated in the witness statement to just under £14,000:eek:
  9. no further copy T&Cs in witness statement - literally just what I have scanned and then loads of paperwork about assignments etc between HFO Capital and HFO Services.
  10. the copies really are that bad - no refernce numbers anywhere and the copies posted on here are the same quality as sent into court as a witness statement.
  11. okay, hopefully have sussed the scanner - took me all morning, so here goes, just hope it is correct docs???? application form and terms and conditions sent with witness statement by turnbull for HFO.
  12. Wow, just read your post vs HFO and it reads very very similar to mine! including the terms and conditions!!! Maybe there is hope???????
  13. thank you ~ is this the norm for them? Sounds like they have the courts in their hands
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