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  1. thanks again. letter gone. so what do i now write to the catalogue?? or dont I??
  2. seaside lady, have followed your link but cant find anything that is relevant to what i need to send to the DCA. am a doughnut i know. can you post something onhere that will make it easier for a computer illiterate person such as myself.
  3. but can the catalogue continue to add charges while its in dispute?? thanks for that to send to the DCA. will do that today. as i said, its gone up from £248. to £1500. all charges, and in dispute the whole time.
  4. ok. further developments on this one: it would appear that the catalogue company, despite not responding to the last two communications, has decided to assign the debt to an agency (lowells) and, despite the account being in dispute are continuing to add on mammoth charges. i am about to write to Lowells now. However, i have to ask: are they allowed to do this whilst an account is in dispute?? The bill, from being a few hundred, has risen to £1500:-x. What is the best thing for me to say to Lowells, and to the catalgue. there has been no communication from them at all since they said t
  5. good morning all. wonder if anyone can advise on this???? my son is at the moment, paying fredrickson international for an old nationwide credit card debt. following the advice on here, i have requested, and received, what they say is his agreement with them. i requested this from the DCA and what i received was received them, not nationwide. unfortunately, i do not have the facilities to post the agreement up on here, nor do i have a camera to do whatever is neccessary. just hope a detailed description may help things along. (or maybe i can send it to someone???) ok. it is on A4 b
  6. thanks. i think, without looking, that pieces are omitted. however, i will get my own thread started and take it from there. however, i still wont be able to get it up online here. many thanks for your help.
  7. still not been able to get this agreement up on here.nor do i have a camera. is there anyone i can send this to by post to have a quick look over?? its the only way. xx
  8. going to my daughters in a week or so and she has all the gizmos and will get her to do it. thanks guys.xx
  9. cant scan and post. only have use of an internet cafe comp0uter, and wouldnt know how to do it anyway. so stuck.!!!!
  10. no, its nothing like that. its an A4 sheet turned on its side. the application bit is on the left, the agreement bit is on the right. the agreement bit takes up about a quarter of the page. sorry i cant reply quicker, not got the internet at home. regular trips to the local internet cafe!!!!.
  11. at last, and a reply. though think it is a kosher agreement. i am in the internet cafe so cant scan it in and post up, so will give a detailed description. fredrickson have clearly obtained the necessary from nationwide. there is a stack of copies of credit card statements plus a letter from fredrickson, not nationwide. ok, here goes. on the left it says credit card application. with everything all filled in. on the right is a bit that starts 'credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974'. my son has signed it where it says only sign if you want to be legally bound by this. its d
  12. everything correct has been sent. they have responded in the past: sent reams of statements to which i sent the first letter about paying back the charges. then letters from them, saying why they wouldnt pay. they omitted the copy of the agreement though which is what the last letters have been about. then, again because of no response, i was advised onhere to do a letter before action. but even that hasnt chivvied them along. i think its a case of if they ignore me, i will go away.
  13. have been offline for a while. and just realised that further to my posts above, the catalogue people havent responded at all. my sons friend is still receiving regular statements, but they havent responded to my letter before action at all. what next.
  14. just to keep you up to speed. i sent the letter and had a reply back saying that they were going back to their client and that teh account was on hold. that was pretty quick to them receiving my letter. heard nothing since. as you can see from my previous post, my letter to them was sent on the 21st july and they would have got it the next day. been a while.
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