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  1. A tad late!!!!! That was a hell of a hangover!! Or has it just rolled into your next Birthday?!
  2. Over the last couple of days I have had lots of communication from Ikea!! They have apologised for the poor Customer Service and the lack of communication to my e-mails and letters - the most important result. They have also refunded the £15 for the Mid-beam and the £25 for the delivery charge. They have also sent a gift card as a gesture of goodwill for £50. Good result me thinks. Many thanks to all who helped x Smoothing down the ruffled feathers now.
  3. Update. This morning I sent an e-mail to Gillian Drakeford, headed Formal Letter Of Complaint. Also just received a reply from the Citizens Advice. "Based on the information you have provided the key legal points in response to your enquiry are as follows: There are two areas of law which govern the UK. There is criminal law and civil law. Criminal law is the area of law that determines actions which are harmful to people and their property. It often carries fixed penalties as a means of punishing people for their wrongdoing and is enforced by bodies such as Trading Standards a
  4. Thanks Rebel, will do.I just want them to refund the £15 I had to pay extra for an important missing part of a bed that I purchased and that I had to make a second trip to collect, so money for travelling and inconvenience.It's unfair to purchase a bed at the advertised price then find a vital part missing and be told to pay extra for it!Never mind the fact that I have made every effort to meet with a Branch Manager, e-mailed, sent letters and have had nothing in return apart from a very confusing answer phone message which I have sent Ikea a transcript of. I have played it to several people a
  5. Poked Ikea with another large stick and sent recorded delivery. Proof of delivery 31/01/14. Still no contact whatsoever, no acknowledgement. How long should I leave it and should I take this to Trading Standards? or who?
  6. Ok - has she seen the consultant yet to discuss the results?I am presuming that this is a stable fracture that will heal rather than requiring a neck brace and limited movement - am I right or wrong?If she had an X-ray in A&E at the begining would this/should this have made any difference to her treatment now?What was the medical reason for not doing an X-ray on a patient with a history of a fall onto her back with associated neck pain?
  7. Your friend did the right thing by going to A&E but I'm very surprised that an X-ray was not done at the same time to rule out any fracture especially as she landed on her back and suffered neck pain. Basic analgesia with a stronger anti inflammatory medication, if there were no contraindications, would help with any muscular spasm. If the pain was more severe then introduce Diazepam short term possibly at night. Your friend may need some physiotherapy. I'm glad she has had an X-ray done now - await for the results and keep us posted.
  8. Ok, update, tried contacting Ikea by phone - nobody answered after 10 minutes so hung up. E-mailed Ikea through their website - response within 11 days - TIME UP IKEA - no response whatsoever!! Written to their Head Office enclosing the confusing message Ikea left me on my answer machine!
  9. Morning!! Still at work!! want to go home to bed!!
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