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  1. My old man use to work for London General in Putney, He was driving the route 22 at Chelsea Worlds End and the same thing happened, Inspecter reported my dad to his garage and me dad got a bolloking
  2. I think once you get on the bus you showed intent on using there services
  3. Hery everyone. I'm not sure if I can post this if not sorry. but I wanted your opinions as to whether the RPI done the right thing. http://www.suttonguardian.co.uk/news/10721808.Bus_inspector_fines_young_girl_even_though_she_had_mum_s_Oyster_card/
  4. Sorry but I'm struggling with this. The fact that you're suppose to have a valid ticket before you board is clear enough.
  5. More like 2-3 weeks pay but thanks i will get her to do that
  6. Thanks guys. To be honest she could get more on JSA but she would have to be sacked to get it if i remember correctly. This is partly my sisters fault she use to work in a care home in Banstead earning £800-900pm but was so unhappy she just left and worked there, she doesn't tell us anything she does and when we question her she gives basic answers.
  7. thanks everyone. I agree with your points. Problem I'm facing is my sister has learning problems and she doesn't really have it in her to do that, I'm worried if I get involved or my parents do then they might sack her.
  8. She gets rotad in for 30 mins or 50mins by her employer
  9. Hey everyone. My sister needs help. First off she has learning difficulties and doesn't fully understand the situation she's in. She works for a care company where she goes to peoples houses to help the elderly with there daily things. She's on £7ph, the problem I see with this is they will schedule her to work 30 mins at a house and they will only pay her half of her £7 which I can slightly understand but what annoys me is she has to pay for her own travel nothing discounted or anything. She spent 5 days a week leaving the house at 8am getting home around 9pm and in 3 weeks on
  10. Update my friend went to the employers place to sort it out and didn't get anywhere. The employer is now saying he walked out and he shouldn't pay him a weeks notice. He is now trying to take him to court for wrongful dismissal. Even thou everyone has told him he can't really do that. Is there anyway he can prove he was let go and should try and get minimal wage
  11. Thanks Guys. That's pretty much what i told him, now to drill it into his head
  12. Haha yeah I thought the same. He just reminded me he got a written warning for damaging the Bentley before
  13. Good Afternoon, I'm first going to apologise about my spelling, I'm not very good at that that. My friend has been working at a car garage for 3 months, He got the sack/laid off as he caused minor damage on a Bentley. which was easily repairable he advised me. However he feels this is unfair and the manager never follow formal discipline procedures. he advised if I read it correctly, he wasn't advised on any verbal warnings but his boss advised he was on a verbal warning. he walked passed him and the boss said "can I have a word" took him in the office and said "not going to beat aro
  14. I'm having trouble locating there website to look at T&C's. if you can provide them or a website i would like to look at them. A lot of insurance companys that offer liftime cover with a flat xs will apply for each unrelated condition with that policy year and when the policy renews the xs will apply again for that year. If there's a % then that will usually apply to all claims regardless of continuation claim or not.
  15. Hey Tim, I actually work for a large pet insurance company, May i ask who it is you're insured with?
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