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  1. The original link has gone so ... House of Commons Hansard Debates for 31 Mar 2008 (pt 0004) It's a disgrace, if true, that whilst the cost of motoring in this country is rising at an alarming rate, foreign nationals get a car for free!
  2. Moorcroft are pond **** plain and simple. They will not reply to genuine concerns and if an attempt at a CCA is made they return the £1 stating they can't produce but then pass it on to one of there CSA affiliated cronies. If you need to deal with these people then address your letters to Mark Dobson who is the Litigation manager/Solicitor you may get a faster response. He's a busy chap is Mark. Litigation and according to the CSA a buyer of debts. No! I'm not making it up
  3. Personal snipes! I read the thread twice and saw no snipes concerning cag members whatsoever?
  4. So if they cashed the pound and then don't supply you the agreement as prescribed by law and within the time-frame then does that not come under part (i)?
  5. In relation to requesting a CCA and that you can prove that the £1 was cashed and they failed to comply within the legal time-scale, would that not clearly come under section 3 of the fraud act 2006? The full document can be read at http://www.opsi.gov.uk/ACTS/acts2006/pdf/ukpga_20060035_en.pdf but i'm only concerned with section 3 which reads (as follows) .. 3 Fraud by failing to disclose information A person is in breach of this section if he— (a) dishonestly fails to disclose to another person information which he is under a legal duty to disclose, and (b) intends, by failing to disclose the information— (i) to make a gain for himself or another, or (ii) to cause loss to another or to expose another to a risk of loss. In fact the more i read that document, the more i see relevant points pertaining to said breach. Any thoughts?
  6. I think it's time to be scared of Moorcroft folks Take a look at there home page (Moorcroft Debt Recovery) top right. They've only gone and hired Blade as a doorstep collector!! I'm gonna pay up, don't want a day walker after me
  7. I switched from BG to NPower a couple of years ago for both gas and leccy and received a combined bill for over 700 quid! I queried this as i was prepay on meters and couldn't fathom as to why i had ran up such a debt. Without argument i got a response explaining it was there fault for not updating the meters and they wiped the debt off and compensated me £25. Don't threaten them with nasty letters but do write to them and explain your situation. It worked for me.
  8. The CSA (not Child Support - lol) can be found via the web welcome to the csa group - x or by post Wingrove House, Ponteland Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE5 3AJ. As for who they represent. A full list is available at CSA Website Hope that helps and keep your chin up.
  9. Moor crap are total losers. Just ask them for a copy of there complaints procedure, they won't send one so complain to the CSA. They write back within 7 days and all of a sudden Moor crap see the error of there ways. Still didn't stop me reporting them to Stockport TS, the FSO or the OFT
  10. Well everybody likes a happy ending so i'll share mine with you Got a letter last week from United Utilities stating that Moorcroft have raised quite a few alarm bells and there involvement with UU is under discussion at the next agency review Also, received a letter from Moorcroft this morning in response to my FOS complaint with a lovely cheque of a not small amount for my inconvenience To re-cap. I haven't paid Moorcroft a single penny and the debt was returned to the client when i began asking difficult (for them) questions. They now have the FOS costs to deal with and have compensated me for writing a few letters. This is looking to be a very merry Christmas lol
  11. She didn't sign anything ChloeJane. A catalogue was dropped off on her doorstep. I must explain her situation clearer. Additions was owned by Argos all you had to do was order the clothes in-store and then pay cash at the counter when the goods were received. Argos decided to pass customer details on to GUS when they took over and now Littlewoods own Additions. She's adamant she has not signed a contract and no online agreement was signed (she 's never owned a computer). I shall post the letter with a pound po enclosed but i'm sure it will be returned as they have no contract. We are not trying to pay for goods received just the insurance taken out without consent and therefore miss sold.
  12. Hi fellow caggers Had a phone call from my sister yesterday asking if she could borrow £30 off me 'til her payday. I of course gave her the money but when i asked what it was for she said it was due to a £69 Additions catalogue bill. I went round with the money and asked her if i could see the bill and what i saw was shocking! £19.45 for Account Cover Plus!! I immediately asked her if she took out a PPI policy with Additions and she told me no because when she joined Additions it was owned by Argos and she paid at the counter when the goods arrived. She is adamant that no contract was signed by her and at no time was she advised about the benefits of PPI or Account Cover Plus. As far as she remembers GUS took over the operation and sent her a catalogue. I now know that Littlewoods are the owners. PPI would never have applied to her has she's been a single mother on benefits for the past 18 years Opinions welcome please on how to claim back everything she's paid into this insurance.
  13. Well mrsfoot no joy here i'm afraid Got a letter from the trust fund today and they won't be helping me Plan B, sue Moorcroft for false representation (as soon as the FOS finish there investigation).
  14. Done that ODC. Sent a letter to United Utilities but still waiting for the response
  15. Damn! I fell asleep with a smile on my face last night as well
  16. Recieved a reply from the FOS this morning that states "We are currently receiving very high volumes of enquiries". If that is directed at Moorcroft then i'm delighted
  17. Cheers mrsfoot. Had a hard time working out pages 5 & 6 but i think i've got there in the end. Thanks once again. Is it normal for United Utilities to apply to the DWP to have direct payments taken from my benefits without consent?
  18. Right bit of a long story cut fairly short here. I owe UUW £488, i don't dispute that but due to circumstances couldn't afford the weekly payments so they set Moorcroft on to me. Managed to get rid of Moorcroft because they broke OFT guidelines but as a parting shot they instructed UUW that i would be willing to let them take it from my benefits. How do i know this! Today i had a letter from UUW & the DWP saying they are going to take £20's a week off my benefits 'til next April and then £8's a week until it's clear. There's absolutely no way i can afford £20 a week as i have 2 young children. The DWP letter states that i can't stop this payment. How can this have been done without my consent or a court order?
  19. Did you recieve the following letter from Moorcroft p4nd0rasb0x .. We have been instructed by (blah blah) To collect your overdue debt of pounds and pence We are informed that you have failed to make the necessary payments under a County Court Judgement. If you wish to avoid further serious action it is essential that you settle this debt without delay. Please say you did 'cause i'd love to prove this is a standard letter and not sent in error by them.
  20. Has anybody had a letter from the pre court division claiming that you already have a CCJ concerning the matter when in fact you don't and can prove so? Have they apologised and said that the debt was accepted in error as post litigation? Did they claim they have a "robust" computer "take on" system in place? When you pointed out the pre is not the same as post did they send a letter stating they are no longer dealing with the account? Join the club Also, my apologies to gizmo111 for having to edit my post. I got carried away
  21. Just recieved proof that Moorcrap are lying swines and have already complained to the CSA about there behaviour but they were about as useful as a condom made of sugar paper No option to report them (and cost them) to the FOS and i fully expect them to be in my favour given the evidence i have. Next step TS and OFT I hope your reading this (EDIT) lol
  22. It's been a while i know. I've been busy chasing tails on this one Does this look ok to you lot I thank you for the letter received ** ********* 2007. You claim my account was accepted as post litigation in error but yet all the letters I have received were sent from the Pre-Court Division and, in the letter I received from your company on the **/**/07 gave notice of Intended Litigation. Your explanations of matters do not tally with the facts unless you are admitting that such letters sent are of a matter of course or mass mailed in which case could be seen as common practice. Indeed, a quick view of the Consumer Action Groups online forums would suggest such. As for proposals in relation to the account, ******** ******* of United Utilities recently wrote and informed me that one of your operatives stated that I would be willing to pay by direct deductions from my benefits and that the DWP will be in contact within the next 21 days. This is news to me as I still have a payment booklet that was sent by your company and at no point in any of my correspondence did I agree to pay via benefit deductions. I enclose said letter for your reference. My opinion Mrs **** is that if I had not contacted the CSA in regards to this matter then your company would have continued to ignore my registered mail and continued to harass me by post with letters that actually breach the law or continued to phone at times that could be considered as harassment. As you well know the FOS will only view cases on the understanding that a final reply has been received by the complainant to which you have not yet done. No such restrictions are in place for Trading Standards and the OFT and as such, I am currently preparing a case for then both. I have forwarded your response along with this letter to the CSA and United Utilities for there own reference.
  23. When i moved into this property i informed the utility companies involved that i was the new tennant and henceforth bills have been sent under my name and at no time have i been required or asked to sign anything. What i would like to know is, if a utility company need to issue a contract or indeed need permission to pass personal information to third parties with no contract signed would that give them such permission. I've looked over the DPA but nowhere did i see that special dispensation was given to utility companys or have i overlooked something? I'm after some serious help here because United Utilities have passed on my details to at least two other agencies with no court order involved. I thank you in advance for your help.
  24. Sorry for the late reply. Yes it does matter. I have recently written to the csa informing them that moorcroft have defaulted on there code of practice namely section 3 a & b, section 4 a, e, j and r. So if the csa find no problem and take no further action then i would like to notify the oft and ts informing them of a clash of interest. Hope that clears things up.
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