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  1. think posts are going into black hole. think site needs more maintainance.lol
  2. your either in a hot tub or your abroad, hope its the latter. only trouble with that t/c is that you have to come back to this ship,the one with a hole in it,thats sinking. tez
  3. my threads turned into vals threads and posts all over place.lol.no offence val.
  4. done me head in ,off to bed,better be sorted by tommorow,or else im going into bs to complain. tez
  5. hi jenny, 30 bldy y years and bodys had enough. more on comercial side,hospitals ,universities and such like. do carpets for family and friends,have mate who has warehouse. private work ,we try and stick to vinyls and ceramics. old man warned me and brother,you will never get rich using your own hands.you will using your brains.never a truer word. tez
  6. hi val, wouldnt say boo to a goose before all this started. another thing to blame bs for.
  7. peed off, cov just lost to west ham, cant even blame ref bs fault.
  8. well named Dar£en and you jenny. how about,exspert computer user. no,not quite there yet..,nearly half way.
  9. still only one finger, cant lay on sofa and use 2 hands.
  10. no, im to trusting by far. trouble is mine stayed invisible.given duff pen.
  11. hope your over it,and o h isnt straining himself. ive been misled then, my o h says this was in my wedding vows. i shall bring you breakfast in bed at weekends for as long as we live.lol tez
  12. thanks again you mob,for making night pass pleasantly,long day tommorow,eldests birthday and a bit to do. nite.tez lot of ironing
  13. many moons ago i thought exsperience was the reason for progress ,but soon realised it couldnt be that,mine was changing to quick.
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