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  1. after recent events out that way,i would want to stay in a very tall treehouse.
  2. exactly. thick as theives,comes to mind.
  3. hi val,jenny, the only ones who can decide is courts, i think its the courts fault. the courts should interprit hardship and let cases proceed to inevitable conclusion. the banks are not going to admit that charges causes hardship,they think there fair. and the banks pay the wages of regulaters. so for me its courts fault. tez
  4. hi jenny, lived and worked in and around coventry. best of luck with warehouse,hope it takes off and you can pack up other jobs. the ones in cov have been big success,liscence to print money jobee. talk to you later tez
  5. hi val, sorry cant help with pic info. the maestro is on hols,he may log in and advise. your as old as you feel val,puts me on about 99. my eldest was 35 last week,the only consolation is people think we are brothers, before anyone says anything,(t/c, saint)yes he looks old for his age.not other way round. tez
  6. lets try,what won 2.05 at uttoxeter this afternoon.lol cant think of better way to log in, kids asleep,long drink,feet up,air conditioning,had the sun on yer back. wonder if its a distance record.
  7. sorry, just take it for granted your ok and keeping tabs. wont happen again. tez
  8. thanks for asking, seems ok ,we will see when val and jenny and me put strain on it lol
  9. dont know where to look,million threads
  10. hi val, most of us seem to be fighting against the basic rules of finance,to earn more than you spend.robbing peter to pay paul. being in this position any advice given would sound like a interview with a bank manager,we know what they would say.no pain no gain. wish i had the magic formula,i would become a very rich honest financial advisor. not to be flippant...,restructure.., is the word your after,how is up to your circumstances. tez
  11. hi val, always easier said than done. not knowing your personal stuff its difficult. this is said in no condesending way to anyone,its just what i have done ,the cheapest money was to borrow on house,which i did at start of all this.consequently i havent had any charges applied since. i have got rid of 90% of my direct debits,this is a must to not get charges. no direct debits no charges. if you take cash out of hole in the wall knowing you will go into red,which we have all done,then charges. ive kept important direct debits eg..,mortgauge,rates,dont want trouble from them,for non payment. in a nutshell the rest can get stuffed,they get it,when i get it. i now have bills sent direct to me. back to good old red letters. i have a water card to pay by at shop next to post office energy bills come direct. maybe pain for lot of people,but if it means no hassel from charges im doing it. on the same note,i wonder if the oft will cover this point about people having to borrow to pay back o d caused by unlawful charges. people loosing houses. getting divorced because of money. loosing buisnesses. many more. i never signed any thing when i got paid,so as far as im concerned my case is still open for further claims for damages. unless the oft draw a line underneath all this,there will be claims for damages eg.., tom brennen. thats why i think,the outcome of oft will not find charges were unlawful,ilegal or anything else.the damages scenario will make charges look like pee in the ocean. back in groove,had severe case of sleeping sickness tez
  12. thanks saint,will return at 11pm.hoping its all hunky dory. ta tez
  13. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. ditto jenny, and my extra fag consumption. reckon,if we lived in america we could claim damages.
  15. dont know about any one else, my threads like my court bundle,numbered pages but out of sequence. reply to someones post and it ends up in wrong position.
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