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  1. hi jenny, over the years when ive been after personal loan,bs have refused point blank. but have then said,you can have one on buisness no problem. am not ltd,so the house would be at risk,no risk for them ,always refused. are you going ltd? keep an eye on news for disturbance in bank. are you selling any other flooring from emporium.?
  2. missed this post other night. keep the sucking up for bank manager this week jenny.lol.
  3. hi,dont think you can win on hardship according to letter. reading fos letter i think you have to fight them on the grounds of what i said before. it was bs fault you never received offer.which you tell fos that you were going to except to stablelize your buisness.dosent matter if you were or not going to except,tell fos you were. obviously,then say how you have more charges because of this. like before.for bs to still make an offer,bs must know they are in the wrong.they are doing everthing not to pay at moment. keep on at fos.bs are in wrong they should have done more to contact you. tez.
  4. i may have that one wrong,havent played that one for about a year its not on desk top anymore either
  5. gee smutty,your on a slippery slope.lol do kids know about secret life?
  6. glad theres other people out there like me,flicking through channels for something to keep me up.why?
  7. hiya, god,how many phrases are there to exsplain where they have you,lets be polite and say "rock and a hard place". if you have included, complaining about new charges in letters to bs,then it looks like they have been very devious in their wording and look like they are trying to cover everything. in the past claimants crossed out bs wording and inserted their own wording ie,i except the offer as full and final settlement of this claim. thus leaving door open for another claim. if you do use own letter and wording,put amount of original claim and what your excepting,this may separate it from other claims.if you do that and they enquire,tell them you lost original.reading your posts i think you would settle for this outcome. the one thing that keeps bugging me is the fact that they have kept to original offer,obviously because they cocked up about adress. which says to me they know they have cocked up and thats the only reason they are still offering.not from goodness of heart. bear with me,personal exsperiance.make it short as poss. inlaws had policy £2300 garranteed on first death. mum in law died,sent of policy. cheque came £800.......what. complained. they said they wrote to them 5 years ago saying premiums would have to increase, if they did not pay, policy amount would reduce. they moved in with us ,so letter went to wrong address and they did not receive it. we went to fos anyway we got full amount back for dad inlaw. the big thing was that the insurance company did not make sufficient effort to make contact with them.so we won. sound familiar, i know its clouding water,but if you could prove new charges would not have happened if you had excepted offer that went to wrong address,,then new charges are bs fault for not making effort to find you and rectify their mistake. have you already threatened with fos.? ask slick about lba thing. tez
  8. hi, other side of coin and in no way dissagreeing with slick.depends greatly on how desparate you need dosh. sounds like you need 1050 now. that offer was for your claim up to around feb 2007.? dont want to sound pessimistic. in view of the fact no one knows what outcome of oft will be,ie,what percentage will be refunded,and how long it will take. i am in buisness and sometimes £1000 now is better than a promise of £1800 further down line. if that money helps to keep buisness on level footing then i would take their offer for that claim.i think a lot of people would have took partial offer if they could see what was going to happen.re oft.and stays. then start new claim for new charges . you wont be able to pursue rest of charges for first claim,because you will be signing letter to that effect. you say their letter says"complaint with barclays",check that its for ongoing case as opposed to all claims you may have for charges. again not contradicting slick,but as he would agree every ones circumstances are different. there you have the 2 options i think. tez
  9. think your right. it worked. and still is working. by the way,a bad week blamed for having drink on friday. whats excuse for drink on mondays.lol
  10. dont blame you,i need one thinking of t/c warming himself,,lucky so n so.
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