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  1. thanks val,not to bad concidering,the quacks dont seem to worried at moment.its her first poor sod. christ,had a quick read, he seems to have done what we asked,mass production of bundle. i would have snapped his hand off for £40 plus about the same for taking case on. paid that for stationary. tez
  2. right as usual, all that toing and frowing,not sleeping properley,god the list gos on.lol
  3. daughter in law went into labour sat, sent home monday,pains stopped. back in tuesday, pains started again. no bab yet. my lads knackered.lol
  4. put ussssss out of our misery
  5. nothing to be ashamed of slick, alls well in our world.
  6. you been passing round that herbal remedy or somethin.
  7. dont know about me but my dogs hogging limelight as usuall. think we would frighten off potential audience.
  8. dose that mean you would dress like that in a group then Val? you would definately have to be the lead though. what about poor t/c,looks like they cut lots of things off when they hang you,where ever it was.
  9. no probs slick. been off and back on them rails long time ago. older and wiser now,except for bank dealings.lol but getting there even with them. cheers tez
  10. when you said you were down to 14 a day i thought you meant b&h lol good for insomnia?
  11. we would never get support if we looked like that, ladies might,but blokes look like they could be robbin banks.lol
  12. hi jenny,val, thats it,minds gone into overdrive now, c a g backing singers on totps, sure t/c could come up with a good pic for that.
  13. hi, when i complained about additions they put about 1 years back into account without telling me until later ,about 1 month later. i rang them and got further 3 to 4 years back,half of what i had paid over the years.i was satisfied with that,but had the feeling they were chuffed to get away with that. if you got more back at least it would put a bigger hole in that od.leaving you less to put in when charges are repaid.you have more to look forward to for yourself. it would also make you feel better getting more out of them.it was just a phone call tez
  14. hi val, good idea about song. jungle cracks me up val,dont like it, men swearing at women, but that womans libber would test patients of a saint. i wasnt great fan,but its had me in stitches,know its sad,but have become compulsive viewer. welcome back trucker,thought you had emigrated. tez
  15. hi, not qualified legally. unusual story. my take on it would be that if the dog was o k you may have been happy for bank to pay into other account,saving you trouble of sorting out payment. seems you may have case with dog seller,if dogs illness is different from one you new about.if she is proper breeder then she should want to keep her good name and help you sort dog out. dosent seem right though what bank did,they should have got clarification of persons name from you to make payment to them.what if the name was smith?seems funny they paid it knowing account number was wrong and then presumed name was correct without contacting you. seems to me to be a case for the bank to make a goodwill offer to help out with the poor dog.thus not saying their wrong about account buisness. tez
  16. soz to hear your not well, hope nothing to bad. thought you had gone a bit quiet. all the best. tez.
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