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  1. hi, appolloize to o h for me:o hope it hasnt brought the subject back up in conversation.
  2. was only christmas hols few weeks ago. you must have a lovely house,all these hols doing a bit of d i y. finished tiling yet?.
  3. jee, hope there is not anyone out there who thinks that because bs request this letter to be signed they do. it seems obvious that they would want and be able to reclaim money back until oft case is finished.if you have spent it,they would then offer you a loan to repay.or take you to court to get it. when they paid me out,1 week or so after court,i would not have known about payment into my account.this has always bugged me.so if i hadnt checked balance by offchance,? the account was more or less dormant,so i dont know when i would have noticed payment,they never and still have not notified me of payment. i wonder if this was a deliberate act,hoping i would not notify court about payment.so leading to this scenario. i did notify court about payment to end proceedings quickly. seems like bs have hit on a idea to get money back if we havent followed proper proceedure. tez.
  4. hi, also now you have it in writing from bank about faxes and if they cannot produce evidence of such faxes,surely they would be guilty of misleading the court by telling porkies. tez
  5. hi val, yea,in a rabbit hutch. you get a bigger room for parking ticket dispute.
  6. happy new year friends. hope everyone is o k,thanks re,good wishes. managed to see video 1, but not the rest. of twot should have him for court case. nearly nitty gritty time,re,case.surely going to be most followed case since jack the ripper. tez
  7. hi jen, fly on the wall job if alarm had gone off. i thought emporeum might be open for jan sales?
  8. thought i was on another site,not that i know how to get on any site apart from this one. pic was great val,thanks, bet your more busy than normal? jenny,thanks, is everything ready for jan sales?
  9. hi val, the one who has a lot of blonde moments and has to dye her hair blonde to match the roots.
  10. thought you had gone back to goa? bali?,youve been that quiet. until that dip stick piped up on that new thread. you and family try and have a good one as well tony. we sometimes forget some have to work on christmas. all the best,keep them eyes peeled.
  11. hi everyone. the late night mob glad everone seems o k for christmas. thanks for everthing,all of you,including her with the blonde roots. Terry.
  12. smashing, well done, hope its brought some welcome relief and satisfaction for you both. tez
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