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  1. Thanks dx100uk. I have read through and will do so again. It is the issue of being in credit and whether it is worth letting them know I have paperwork to back it up. Would their reconstruction of the account get to a credit balance lower, meaning less stat interest added if they have assumed minimum payment and aren’t aware it was paid off in full and nil for a while. Though I suppose the fact there were no ppi premiums would tell them that. So probably just accept it’s correct as the breakdown shows they have followed fos guidelines for re
  2. ok thanks When I paid the balance off the account is in credit sooner, much longer and for a larger amount with the ppi payments and associated interest removed. So would think more stat interest would be due. I'll bite the bullet and give them a call.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've got more info and statements pre 2005 from SAR in 2009 but they were unable back then to provide further back than 2003 and incomplete, some dates missing. I do have the statement from 2003 showing the NIL balance and need to check the loft but you are right not ALL back to 1997. I was wondering what impact a NIL statement for a year or 2 made compared to them making assumptions there was a small running balance throughout. Thank again.
  4. Good morning My claim for misselling on a Dorothy Perkins card taken out in store in 1997 has been upheld by FOS. I have had an offer from Santander and unsure if I should accept or question the calculation. They have stated they have full account details from 2005, prior to that they have details of PPI payments and my spending history. They have reconstructed the account with this info but ask if I have any other statements, in line with FOS rules. I do have some earlier statements and in particular in 2002/3 I had a loan and paid o
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