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  1. My husband and I are looking to buy a newer used car from xcarfinance.com (mother company is BIG MEDIA PRESENCE) on a finance deal with them. Before we part with our money would anyone out there know anything about this company...i.e. they are a [problem] or if there is any advise to keep away from them? The problem is they operate only on the internet only (have no showroom at all) and we pick cars from the pictures on line (which may not be a true reflection of the actual car). We have been trying to search on line for any customer reviews on this company but simply cannot find any... They are working with a company call MotoNovoFinance.com and we called them and they said that xcarfinance.com is a legitimate company and they have been working with them for 12months todate. I am still not convinced... Can anyone out there give me advise please?

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